Water birth: Pros and cons

It is a new way to give birth that is spreading thanks to the effect relaxing and less traumatic for the child: is the water birth, a mode that women increasingly choosing, perhaps after having played in the water even the activities of the course prepartum.

Also referred to as gentle birth, usually water birth brings benefits to both the child and to the mother . The child, in fact, passes this way from the amniotic fluid of the womb, where he grew up protected for nine months, to another aquatic environment, without the trauma and stress that would suffer because of sound, light and temperature changes.

water-birth-pros-and-consBut even mom can benefit from this type of delivery: water tends to relax the muscles allowing the woman to assume the most comfortable position and reducing the perception of pain. The water also relaxes the perineal muscles by decreasing the chances of using an episiotomy surgery.

How exactly does the water birth? The hospitals that choose to gear up for the water birth have a deep soaking tub 70-80 centimeters of suitable size to accommodate the pregnant woman, allowing her to move comfortably. The water in the bath, the most important element, is continuously filtered and heated to a temperature not exceeding 37 degrees, thus creating an optimal environment, clean and warm.

The expectant mother will enter the bathtubs only once reached the dilation of 3 to 4 centimeters and not before, because the hot water may favor a “calming” effect blocking the expansion and prolonging labor.

Despite having several advantages, giving birth in the water can also present disadvantages and drawbacks, which is why before to opt for this mode, you still need to deal with doctor and gynecologist in order to assess the best option for the mother and for the baby. They can not choose water birth women who suffer from hypertension, preeclampsia or diseases of other kinds, or women expecting twins or breech babies or pregnant women who want an epidural because, in a state of analgesia, is prohibited entry into the water.

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