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It’s called DEPArray new technology designed by a team of Italian researchers that will allow not only to individual cancer cells in a small sample, but also to show in the video as if they were pixels. It is the digital biopsy, a research tool already used in laboratories for the evaluation of rare malignant cells present in liquid blood samples, and now also available for the study of cancer cells in soft and solid tissues.

Scientific research is increasingly committed to defining new methods for cancer diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Just think of the realization of the technology to show the cancer cells as if they were pixels, and improvement of liquid biopsy that analyzes saliva. Saliva tests for cancer diagnosis At the conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, David Wong of the University of California, Los Angeles, she presented the prototype of a test for liquid biopsy being approved by the FDA – Food […]

Standing is the healthier way to work on the PC. The researchers say the Preventive Medicine Reports of the University of Sydney (Australia) and confirms the choice of many start upper which for years prefer the desk standing (standing) position to sitting. Let’s see why. While staying too much time sitting in front of the PC because many disorders, work standing offers many benefits to body and mind.

Because the heat is good?

In the popular imagination, the hot water bottle is a simple and effective refreshment to stomach ache and back pain, as well as fumigations improve breathing when you have a blocked nose from a bad cold. Are some examples of classic grandmother remedies that, despite the possibility of resorting to numerous drugs and therapies, continue to be used to deal with small health disorders. Because the heat is good? I already knew the ancient Greeks and Romans, for example, resorted to the warm spa waters […]

Grapes protects our eyes

It’s good, sugary, crunchy and a grape leads to another. Grapes are a tasty fruit in every imaginable color and type, does the body good because it is an antioxidant, low in fat but rich in minerals and vitamins, and also because it is good for the view.

Water birth: Pros and cons

It is a new way to give birth that is spreading thanks to the effect relaxing and less traumatic for the child: is the water birth, a mode that women increasingly choosing, perhaps after having played in the water even the activities of the course prepartum. Also referred to as gentle birth, usually water birth brings benefits to both the child and to the mother . The child, in fact, passes this way from the amniotic fluid of the womb, where he grew up protected […]

Blue light is an electromagnetic wave occurs in nature and that comes to us through the sunlight whenever we spend time outdoors. Blue light is composed of different frequencies: the more raised more increases energy. It is precisely when the frequencies are high that the blue light stimulates our eyes with an intensity that pose a nuisance to the vision health. That the intensity of the blue light is harmful to the eyes is known for some time, so that the sunglasses, now used as […]

Dyslexia is a multifactorial disease in particular due to genetic, biological and environmental. The 3% of school-age children is dyslexic, and difficulty reading fluently has an impact on the capacities and deadlines to assimilate the concepts also causing relational and social issues. Speech therapy gives children the tools to manage dyslexia and educate the reading skills, but it alone is not enough to solve the trouble. Researchers of Child Neuropsychiatry Hospital Bambino Gesù, with the supervision of Dr. Deny Menghini and in collaboration with the […]

With the arrival of spring we begin to wear lighter clothes and wear shoes without socks. For walking is a great relief, but there is also the risk of hitting a difficult disorder to avoid: bubbles and blisters. The blisters are often formed when we wear new shoes and, even more, when we put the shoes without socks, that is, the spring and summer. The skin of the foot, in direct contact with the shoe rubs against the shoe material – leather, cotton or synthetic […]

The World Health Organization is of the view that the Optimal Health condition is acquired when there is a balance in the dimensions of wellness. It does not just mean that the life is devoid of diseases and any sort of infirmity. The various dimensions include the wellness of mind, body, spirit, emotions, environment and society.

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