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The traditional image of a seaside cafe is often a slightly rundown venue close to the beach where you can buy mugs of tea, fish and chips and ‒ if you are lucky ‒ sticky buns. Today, however, you need to cater for all the visitors to your resort and offer the kind of refreshments they expect if you want your business to be successful. Image Credit Check out the competition If there are other food businesses in the area, look at them and try […]

Clinical trials for IVF patients

Lots of people considering fertility treatment are interested in clinical trials. This is because trials that are happening right now have the potential to improve current forms of IVF, making it easier for couples to have children. Image Credit There are currently a few trials taking place in the UK that may help to improve IVF success rates in the future. Here is everything that you need to know about the trials. E-Freeze E-Freeze is a clinical trial that aims to find out if frozen […]

Hormones in Exercise

Hormones are a group of substances that will stimulate, depending on the case, some function of our body, such as the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, body temperature, sexual functions, etc. Hormones can increase or decrease any of these functions but always being very specific taking control by concentration or hormonal levels in the body as well as the sleep-wake cycle to give some examples. By making clear the above we can note that keeping the function of our hormones in order is vital for […]

Have you had a relationship where everything was complicated? It can be with a partner, with a friend, with a boss or boss, with a co-worker. That relationship in which there was usually friction, lack of understanding, discomfort, probably even upset. Maybe even now when you think of that person you get the same feeling or emotion again. Surely you have also had the good fortune to meet that friend, boss or co-worker, with whom everything is simple, easy, happy to talk to that person. […]

Do you want to forget about stress? Do you want to feel calm? Have the feeling and the certainty that there is nothing that can make you lose your balance. Well, you’re not the only one. Stress is one of the star topics in our society today. And when I say our society I mean industrialized environments, with a high population, where the speed and rush prevails during a great part of the day and it extends to almost every day of the week. According […]

They told me that I had to eat everything to grow healthy and strong. That I had to shelter when it was cold so I did not catch cold. It will not take much sun on the beach to not burn. That I would not bathe until it was two hours after I had eaten. Now tell us that you take such a thing to sleep better. You take the pills on shift to have more energy during the day and be happy. That you […]

The US subsidiary of Indian pharmaceutical company Lupin has been given final approval from the US health regulator for its Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen tablets. Image Credit Hitting the market Lupin Somerset, also known as Novel Laboratories Inc, can now market the tablets in 5mg/325mg, 7.5mg/325mg and 10mg/325mg strengths. Designed to be used for moderate to moderately severe pain relief, they are a generic version of Allergan Sales LLC’s Norco tablets in the same strengths. The transnational company, which is the fifth largest pharmaceutical firm […]

Schizophrenia Medication

There is more and more awareness about the causes and symptoms of schizophrenia. The treatments and medications that are available have become increasingly effective. Unfortunately, no conclusive cures have been discovered and the best available treatments can only mitigate some of the symptoms.  Some of the symptoms will linger throughout the lifespan of the person afflicted with schizophrenia. However, it is possible, despite schizophrenia, to lead a meaningful life, with the help of medication and therapy.

When are you going to stop suffering for love? In this post you will know 6 disastrous consequences and 5 tips for personal transformation. Slowly and without realizing it, September arrived. We are approaching slowly in the autumn, but still very hot in these lands. I barely noticed, because I am immersed in a sea of words to put together the puzzle of my new book-ebook.

One in ten people over 65 suffer from this neurodegenerative disease whose main risk factor is age. There are more than 1,125,000 sick and, being a pathology whose caregivers are family members, affects the lives of 4,500,000 people. Today, the disease that Alois Alzheimer first described in 1906 has become the greatest challenge of modern medicine, explains the neurologist Pablo Martinez-Lage, scientific director of the CITA-Alzheimer Foundation: “First because of its high prevalence and the high level of dependence generated for eight or ten years. […]

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