How to make a homemade nail polish remover?

With a natural nail polish remover, you can take better care of your nails since you will not expose them to the abrasive chemicals contained in acetone. Acetone is the product that is usually used to remove the nail polish, but this is a petroleum derivative, which is very polluting. Do not forget that oil and its derivatives are the big responsible for global warming, for that reason, we must avoid its use to give a respite to the planet in the fight against climate change.

How to make a homemade nail polish remover?

Both the nail polish remover that you can buy in stores and the classic acetone, are extremely toxic products that nevertheless need to be used to remove nail polish. But is this inevitable? Fortunately, it is not, because there are several methods to remove the enamel naturally. Keep reading: How to remove nail polish without acetone

Natural nail polish remover with nail shine

A simple way to remove nail polish without using any product is to re-paint your nails and remove the polish before it dries. Try doing it with a nail polish, it really works and you will not need to use more chemical product than the enamel itself.

Recipe of homemade nail polish remover with lemon

 Mix in a bowl 3 or 4 tablespoons of vinegar and a little lemon juice, but you can also use another citrus such as grapefruit, lime or orange. Stir the mixture, wet a cotton ball and proceed to remove the polish with patience.

Nail paint will not come off as quickly as when you use a chemical, but it works and it is a natural method that will leave your nails wonderful and very clean.

Homemade nail polish remover with hot water

A natural way to remove nail polish is to remove it with hot water. The procedure is simple. Put water to heat and dip the nails inside the container with very hot water (be careful not to burn), wait a while and repeat the operation several times until you notice that the enamel rises. At that time, remove the enamel with a file, rubbing it very gently.

Recipe of natural nail polish remover with alcohol

To remove the nail polish you can also use alcohol. While it is not a natural product, it is much less abrasive than acetone. To do this, soak a cotton ball and rub your nails. The procedure will take a little longer than if you used a nail polish remover, but it’s worth it because alcohol will not harm your nails or your hands.

How to use nail polish remover?

Wet a cotton ball in the mixture and apply to the nail pressing. Keep 10 to 20 seconds for the enamel to soften and then drag the cotton to remove it from the nail. Removing enamel with this homemade mix may require a little more time than with a commercial enamel remover, especially if you are trying to remove several layers of enamel. If you let your nails soak in hot water (as hot as you can) for 15 minutes it will help the enamel soften and you can remove it more easily.

Using any of these natural nail polish recipes you will have the security of not exposing your delicate nails to chemicals that can cause breakage and weakness. And this is true, as you will undoubtedly have noticed that if you use acetone or nail polish daily, your nails break easily. You might also like:

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