Ideas for keeping your brain active

As we get older, it can sometimes be difficult to fit in the things we used to do that helped to keep our brains healthy and active. Perhaps you have retired and do not have the stimulus of a work environment, or maybe you can no longer take part in a favourite hobby. If this sounds familiar, read on for some useful ways to keep your brain healthy and active every day. (more…)


Blood, Sweat and Tears!

We all rely on batteries as they are essential devices but they are not 100% reliable and do present a whole host of problems. Over time they can have trouble retaining a charge or stop working altogether. Others can overheat or leak or even explode. They’re also rigid and often bulky. Imagine if you could do away with your standard AA or Car Batteries and instead have a flexible, incredibly thin battery that could be powered by blood or sweat? Sounds a bit gross but could it be an improvement? (more…)


Look for These 3 Healthy Lifestyle Elements in a Community

Your quality of life can be significantly affected by your environment. If you want to build a healthier lifestyle, you might need to choose the right community for you by looking at everything it has that encourages a healthy life. Whether you are moving into a new town or plan on fully exploring your current one, look for the following features that can enable the improvement of your health. (more…)


There is no need to put up with a sad face.

As we get older it;s easy to look in the mirror and think, well, what’s to be done with that. However, you dont need to be feeling down about the situation there is an answer. Whilst it is never possible to bring back those youthful golden years (unless youve got access to a time machine or the fountain of eternal youth) it is possible to be able to bring them back a little bit by turning the clock back or slowing the clock down. One of the most interesting processes that you can look at is that of Thread Lift Cardiff way or anywhere else in the country for that matter. What exactly is the process? We shall have a look but one place that you can get it done is at where you will get and excellent professional service.

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One of the best things about the thread lift process is that it is not surgery. You will no doubt have heard that there are many ways to get a facelift but surgery is not always an option of choice for many people. As the muscles in the face begin to wear out the skin also loses the elasticity that keeps it tight to the face. In the past the only way that this could be rectified was by removing it with a scalpel. There is now no need to panic, you do not need to go under the knife as the thread lift process is a simple and surgical free system that will lift the face back into a much more youthful appearance.

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All that the surgeon needs to do is to add a series of small stitches to the face that lift the skin back into place. The real beauty of the process is that as the stitches naturally heal (its not a large wound or anything) the body will add its only help in making the skin look younger. The body channels lots and lots of collagen to the face to make it heal quicker. This collagen production is vital to the bodies healing and it also helps the youthful appearance and skin elasticity. A younger looking you is possible but without all that painful after op procedure to contend with. Why not take the plunge, or stitch, and give it a try. You might really like the effects that you see and get from it.


Three easy steps to great oral health

Good oral health is not just important for your teeth; it also has repercussions on your overall health. For example did you know that the health of your teeth can have an impact on your heart health and that you can develop issues with your overall mouth health as a result of oral sex. There are some STIs that can be transmitted via oral sex and it is important that if you are showing any symptoms around your mouth area, and think you may have exposed yourself to an STI, that you also have an STI test London way sent to you from companies such as sent to you to check for indications of an infection. A few simple changes to your daily routine can really make a difference. (more…)


The Importance of Sports Drills

You might have heard of sports drills but dont really know what they involve. Here is some handy information introducing you to the world of sports drills and why they are so important to improve performance in any sporting activity:

What does a drill entail?
Practicing a drill involves training methods that utilise repeated actions or exercises. Drills are great for focusing on specific skills that need practice, such as hitting a ball, catching a ball, agility training or any other repeated activity that helps to improve performance in any sport. A drill is deemed effective only if it is practiced correctly and can provide a quantifiable improvement in performance. Practicing any kind of sport will require some use of drills but it should have a positive influence on the individual and/or team performance. Coaches and trainers will use drills as an essential part of their teaching plans.

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Why they are so important
What makes drills so important is the effect they have in building up muscle memory. To reach the pinnacle of performance, a sportsperson must be able to think quickly and immediately know how to respond almost without conscious thought. An athlete must know how to respond, reacting instinctively and almost automatically. Achieving this level of muscle memory is the result of repeating an activity until that action can be completed without even thinking about it.

For some gifted sportsmen and women, this process comes naturally but for others, it will require determination and perseverance to train the muscles and instinctively react to certain commands and actions. It requires a strong will and focus to adopt the right techniques and then repeat them over and over again until they occur without thinking about them.

It does sound like drills could be boring after a while, but there are many ways to make them more enjoyable and interesting. Some trainers adopt a combination of drills that they use in quick succession to keep players on their toes. This can be done and still focus on one specific skill set. Using a wide range of different drills can also keep players engaged, motivated and training hard. For an interesting range of Soccer Drills, visit

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When athletes make the best use of drills, they can significantly improve their skills and performance results. The majority of coaches use well-planned drills to incorporate into a training plan, having the sportsperson repeat the same action regularly to work on precision and accuracy. Strong coaches will understand the training areas that need working on and identify areas of weakness, to be able to focus on the right drills for those issues. It takes perseverance to keep going until improvements in results are seen.

Along with knowing which drills to use, a strong coach will also know how long each drill should be performed for and how many times it should be repeated to obtain the best possible results. The best and most effected methods include using appropriate drills that are executed in quick bursts of high intensity that are repeated on numerous occasions during a training session.


STI figures across the globe

There are over 1 million cases of sexually transmitted infections contracted every single day across the world. Thats quite a sobering statistic from the World Health Organisation. Each year, there are approximately 357 million new infections of the top 4 infections chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhoea and trichomoniasis.

Most STIs have only mild or no symptoms whatsoever and might even go undetected as an STI. In some cases, undetected STIs can have serious repercussions for long-term reproductive health, leading to infertility or mother-to-child transmission.

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A major threat to global health is the current impact of drug resistance, particularly for gonorrhoea. There are more than 30 different parasites, bacteria and viruses that can be transmitted via sexual contact. STIs are mostly spread through sexual contact through vaginal, anal ad oral sex. Some can also be transmitted through non-sexual contact such as blood, for example.

Anyone can contract an STI without necessarily displaying any clear symptoms. If symptoms are experienced, they can include vaginal or urethral discharge, a burning sensation when urinating, genital ulcers and pain in the abdomen.

The size of the problem worldwide is profound, affecting both sexual and reproductive health. Over 500 million people are currently living with a herpes infection and 290 million women with the human papilloma virus.

STIs can damage health beyond the symptoms of the actual virus itself. Transmission from mother to child can lead to stillbirths, low weight and premature birth. Infections like gonorrhoea and chlamydia are a major cause of pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility. The HPV infection leads to hundreds of thousands of cases of cervical cancer every year.

Preventing STIs is of vital importance with approaches including:

Counselling and behavioural methods these offer a first-line defence against STIs and unwanted pregnancy. This could include sex education, testing and pre and post-test counselling. Get yourself checked out with Chlamydia testing kits Bexley

Safe sex education and promotion of condoms.

Programmes aimed at specific at-risk groups like sex workers, drug users and men who sex with men.

Education geared towards adolescents.

Improving peoples knowledge of symptom recognition to increase the likelihood of them seeking medical attention or encouraging a partner to do so.

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Barrier methods

The most effective way to prevent the spread of infection is to use a barrier method, such as a condom. Female condoms are also safe and effective but not as commonly used as the male condom.

Treatment of STIs is widely available with the most common bacterial infections being treated with a single-dose of antibiotics.

The increasing resistance to antibiotics has caused concern across the world. This has reduced the treatments available, especially for gonorrhoea. Gonorrhoea has shown resistance to last-line antibiotic medication and antimicrobial substances like penicillin, meaning its a multi-drug resistant organism. This kind of antimicrobial resistance has also started to appear in the treatment of other STIs, which is why prevention and quick treatment remain crucial.



Six great eye makeup removers

Strong yet gentle are what women want.

Good quality eye make-up removers don’t just blitz stubborn mascara with one sweep of cotton wool, but they also care for your skin and keep it healthy, shiny and vibrant. Women are looking for removers that are gentle, light and soothing and provide excellent results. A good remover will eliminate the need to rub and drag the cotton wool or pads around the delicate eye area.

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There is now a wide range of removers on the market, from sensitive and organic to micellar-based cleansers to gentle oils that remove waterproof mascara easily without the need to scrub.

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Clarins instant eye make-up remover is ideal for women who wear water-resistant eye make-up. It confidently removes all traces, and acts even on long-wearing formulas. It removes make-up easily and effectively.

A good formula for sensitive eyes is La Roche-Posay’s Respectissime. Again, a gentle formula that offers quality results and cleans away even the most stubborn of eye make-up.

Smashbox It’s A Wrap waterproof makeup remover is another super effective, yet gentle remover which lifts make-up from lashes, lids and lips.

Elemis White Flowers eye and lip make-up remover is a soothing and refreshing, effective solution which instantly removes not only eye make-up, but also lipstick. It’s formulated with white peony extract and cooling white tea.

Lancome cosmetics provides quality eye make-up removers for women looking to let their skin breathe at the end of a busy day. The products from Lancome cosmetics ensure all traces of stubborn make-up will be removed.

Festival vibes and glittery eyes are in vogue

According to Stylist, the festival vibes are in vogue and with them come glitter eyes which will require strong, yet gentle make-up removers at the end of the night.

Build your beauty routine with Glossier’s Milky Oil which combines micellar water which is a common staple of French skin care, known for its non-greasy cleansing abilities, and light oil in a mild formula that provides the answer for women who wear waterproof mascara.

If you enjoy using natural products, the Body Shop’s Camomile gentle eye make-up remover is a non-oily cleanser which removes make-up in seconds and conditions eyelashes. A light and soothing option, this formula is fragrance and colour-free and will zap away all traces of make-up.


How to pluck hair without pain in home

This hair pluck technique is practiced with a cotton thread. It is necessary to form a loop with the wire. Then, wrap it 6 or 7 times on itself in the middle of the loop. By moving the hands that hold the wound part on itself, your hair will tear. Those who wish to have a perfect trace of the eyebrows and those who tend to have ingrown hairs by waxing. We recommend this method of hair pluck for perfect eyebrows and the upper lip.  (more…)


Basic guide to combine HIIT and LISS

There are a lot of ideal sports to lose weight, as well as training methods focused on burning fat. The idea is to combine various cardio exercises with weights so that the exercises are completed and fat burning is more effective. Two of the best-known sports disciplines when it comes to losing weight and being in shape are the HIIT and the LISS. But, what is the best way to combine HIIT and LISS training to lose weight? We tell you everything you need to know about it, below. (more…)