Signs that your boiler might need to be looked at

The central heating system is an essential part of your home, particularly during the winter, and you can find small issues that have formed as you begin to use your boiler more.

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To stop them being a big problem, it is better to get any problems you find sorted quickly, which might end up costing you more. This is where an Evesham Boilers company such as Combi Man can help you. Here are some of the signs that you need to look out for.

Sounds – When they are switched on, all heating systems will make certain sounds; but if yours unexpectedly begins making a different noise, it may be an issue. For instance, if the sounds become more frequent or louder, it may be that part of the boiler is not working properly. It is best to have this looked at right away by a specialist, as any issues could get worse if they are not dealt with quickly.

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Water – Water escaping from the unit and collecting underneath is another indication of problems with a boiler. It is necessary to get the device looked at as soon as possible if this happens. You would place a strain on the system and lose both energy and money if your boiler has to work harder to run at the right temperature.

Smells – You can call in a trained engineer if you find an odd smell in your home that seems to come from the boiler. In the device, there may be a leak that has the potential to be extremely dangerous for you and your family. At least once a year, it is important to get your boiler tested for carbon monoxide, as this is an issue that is difficult to detect by sight or smell and has the potential to kill.

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