How to own 100% of your house

People looking to handle the legal work in a shared ownership staircasing process need to hire a solicitor. The housing association who partly owns the property being purchased need to know the details of the solicitor. Shared ownership staircasing is when a person buys more than their pre-existing shares in their shared ownership property. It can also refer to the process of paying off a chunk of a help to buy equity loan. Usually fragments of 10% to 25% are bought from the housing association, this can be done 3 times. Staircasing in steps is called [atrial staircasing, when an individual buys enough shares in one go to own 100% it is referred to as full staircasing. This process cannot start without a valuation to determine the remaining payments.

A similar concept exists in Islamic banking, where an individual jointly owns a property with a bank or loan provider and makes regular payments to purchase percentages of their property. This is traditionally an interest free process, making it very popular. The interest free nature of this process also decreases the chances of bankruptcy of anyone who owns a house. Islamic banking is not widely available in many countries, making this option only possible to some people.

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