Increase your Covid Blues with a healthy lifestyle

It has been said that hell hath no fury like a woman on a diet, and this can certainly be true in some cases; however, a recent study carried out by the Ingestive Behavior Laboratory at Louisianas Pennington Biomedical Research Center revealed that a calorie-restricted diet actually improved mood, reduced stress, increased sex drive and improved sleep in a significant number of the 220 participants in the study.

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Reducing calorie intake

CNN reports that a 25% reduction in the daily calorie intake of people of normal weight or those who were overweight but not obese had a positive effect on their mood in addition to leading to weight loss. Corby Martin, director of the Ingestive Behavior Laboratory, said the study, which was carried out over a period of two years, showed that mildly overweight and normal weight people need not worry that dieting by reducing calories would decrease their quality of life; instead, they could expect to feel better.

This is good news for people in these categories; however, many people who want to lose weight are more than mildly overweight – the maximum BMI for those in the study was 28 – and the results cannot realistically be applied to everyone. The results do, however, suggest that a calorie-controlled diet could be used in the prevention of obesity in a similar way to strategies used to control blood pressure and prevent other chronic diseases such as heart disease.

Other factors

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Reducing dietary calorie intake appears to be an effective way to lose weight; however, according to the Mayo Clinic, physical activity is also important. If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight, while exercise helps with maintaining your weight loss.

Other studies have shown that exercise is also beneficial to your mood, stress levels and sleep; therefore, it seems to follow that a combination of reducing calories and exercise is likely to make you feel better generally. People whose weight loss is maintained are those who engage in regular physical activity in addition to watching what they eat.

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