How to fit a ceiling rose

Ceiling roses are an easy and amazing way to add character to a rooms decor, especially if you have cornicing or coving, its truly complementary.

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The first step is to find a design that fits with the period style of your home and light fitting, because there are so many different designs to choose from. While you can mix your styles, if you have a modern light, you probably will not want to match it with a flowery ornate Victorian ceiling rose. Keep in mind the proportions of the room and also the style of any existing coving. While generally, a large rose works with high ceilings, and smaller ones work better with a lower ceilings or smaller rooms, but it is entirely a matter of personal taste and what looks good in your home. For a selection of ceiling roses click here

You will also have a choice of material. The fastest and easiest to fit is polystyrene, because it is so light, all you need is a touch of the adhesive. However, for something a little more interesting, other materials such as plastic, brass and wood are also relatively easy to attach. Style options available in polystyrene are also more limited.

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Authentic ceiling roses made of plaster and modern replicas of the original design are also available in plaster which makes them quite heavy. If your design is heavy, contact a professional to install it to minimize the risk of injury.

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