Want to change your outlook on life? Get FIT and EAT HEALTHILY!

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and sighed a deep sigh of despair at the person that is reflected back at you? In our busy and hectic working lives its easy not to take the time to stay fit and eat healthily. After a long day working at the Office, School, Hospital, etc, its difficult just to make the effort to work out! Let alone prepare food that not only tastes good but is full of nutrition. It is however possible to change if you are determined and make a plan that will help you to remain focused.

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Make your plan: Fun, Easy to follow, Simple and give yourself a goal at the end the end of a specific time period that you think is possible to achieve. Tell others about your plan and encourage them to get involved that way you can encourage each other if things start to get tough. People can be quite negative and might even try to discourage you, but like a PDF to Excel file there is a way to change if you are prepared to change your outlook on life. By changing what and when you eat is a good start, snack on fruit instead of crisps, try white meat instead of red, cut out sugary drinks. Try to exercise at least once a day, even if its just going for a walk to start with. Look into that mirror and smile at the reflection you see!

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