How to pluck hair without pain in home

This hair pluck technique is practiced with a cotton thread. It is necessary to form a loop with the wire. Then, wrap it 6 or 7 times on itself in the middle of the loop. By moving the hands that hold the wound part on itself, your hair will tear. Those who wish to have a perfect trace of the eyebrows and those who tend to have ingrown hairs by waxing. We recommend this method of hair pluck for perfect eyebrows and the upper lip. 

Follow this simple hair removal guide to be able to look sexy without feeling any pain. Get ready for a special night or a party where you want to wear a nice dress.

How to pluck hair?

How to pluck hair

  • Before and after epilation, it is recommended that you exfoliate the skin gently.
  • Do not try to shave hair that is very short or very long. The ideal hair size to be able to carry out hair removal is between 0.5 and 1 centimeter long. Continue reading: How to Clean The Oily Skin?
  • Make sure the skin this good clean, dry and free of any creams or oils.
  • Apply the depilatory band or the hot wax by pressing 3-4 times in the direction of how the hair grows, so that it adheres in a better way.
  • While you hold the stretched skin with one hand , quickly pull the wax or band away from the hair growth with the other hand.
  • To finish clean the area with an oil-based cleaner , to eliminate any residue that has remained.

Painless hair removal

After hair pluck

Hair removal may not be successful for several reasons:

  • Hair is shorter than ½ centimeter or longer than 1 centimeter.
  • The area is not clean.
  • The area is not dry.

Waxing without pain


In the case of using wax for hair removal, remember to make sure you are not in any of the following situations:

  1. That you are taking strong medication for acne. The solution to acne here!
  2. Have a sunburn.
  3. Have problems in the immune system or a circulation problem.
  4. Using wax in the lower area may be more painful two days before or after your period because the hormones make the skin more sensitive.

Do not try to remove the ingrown hairs as tempting as it may seem, since it can become infected and lead to some kind of pathology. Apply these tips and stop suffering when you depopulate! You might also read: THE PERFECT PARTY PLAN

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