Aioli potatoes, easy, tasty and inexpensive tapa recipe

We are very used to this tapa, since it is a classic complimentary appetizer that is served in many bars when ordering a beer. And is that the aioli potatoes are an easy, tasty and economical tapa recipe that everyone likes and that is also very comfortable, also to make at home.

You only have to buy good potatoes and make a homemade aioli, or easier, if you want to make them like in most bars. Just prepare a mayonnaise to which we will add a chopped garlic. Then it will only be necessary, mix well and sprinkle with parsley. Here we tell you the best way to do them and the tricks so that they are the same as in your favorite brewery. Keep reading: 10 tips to take care of teeth

Ingredients for tapa recipe

tapa recipe

For 4 people

  • Potato: 2
  • Egg: 1
  • Garlic clove: 1
  • Sunflower oil: 150 ml
  • Parsley twigs
  • Salt
  • Lemon juice a few drops

How to make homemade tapa recipe?

Difficulty: Medium

Total time: 30 m

Elaboration: 10 m

Cooking: 20 m

Rest: 30 m

Cook the unpeeled potatoes – well washed – in a casserole with salt water and remove them after 20 minutes, when they are well cooked. Then peel and cut into irregular pieces, leaving them in a bowl to cool well.

tapa recipe instructions

We can prepare the aioli or all-i-oli following the traditional recipe and make it only with garlic and oil, without egg and in the mortar, or else make like most bars, a simpler preparation, making a mayonnaise with garlic that is not It is very thick so you can napar the potatoes perfectly.

To make this garlic mayonnaise, or easy garlic mayonnaise, put the egg, garlic clove and sunflower oil in a tall glass, add a few drops of lemon and put the blender straight, leaving it still until the sound changes. Then we go slowly raising and we have the sauce ready. When the potatoes are cold, add our aioli sauce and mix well, giving enveloping movements and trying not to be broken. It is better to add the aioli little by little, so as not to get over the quantity.

Finally, we chop a handful of fine parsley and incorporate it into the aioli potatoes, also with enveloping movements. We reserve a little more to sprinkle over at the time of serving and a sprig to decorate. We keep the potatoes covered with transparent kitchen film in the fridge for 30 minutes. So, they are very cold when we go to eat them.

With what to accompany the potatoes aioli

tapa recipe with potato

The aioli potatoes are perfect as an aperitif accompanied by a vermouth, an ale or a glass of wine. To serve them, we can cut some slices of crusty bread because the alioli or all-i-oli sauce that smears the source where we serve them is excellent for spreading. You may also like:

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