Useful natural remedies for a sore throat

Every year he comes back to visit us and sometimes even more often. We are talking about a sore throat, one of our most frequent and annoying health enemies. It is mostly an inflammation of the pharynx or larynx, caused by a cold stroke or by the consequences of a febrile attack. In this period, it can also be induced by a bad use of air conditioners. Let’s know the natural remedies for a sore throat.

Attention also when you go to shopping centers or department stores, where temperatures are often too low compared to the outside. If we were not able to avoid it, let’s see how to deal with this unexpected inconvenience with some simple natural remedies. Keep reading: Secret of whiten your teeth at home

Natural remedies for a sore throat

The cinnamon is undoubtedly one of the means to solve the problem. Just take a few pieces and reduce to powder, boil everything in a glass of water and then add a little ‘pepper and two teaspoons of honey. A slightly lower impact, compared to a definitely more pleasant taste, have some cinnamon-flavored tea blends specially prepared in herbal medicine or in some specialized stores.

Remaining among the infusions particularly indicated the use of the thymus. It is a strong disinfectant, available in teas, capsules, syrups and essential oils. The herbal tea is probably the tastiest remedy and is prepared by letting infuse a teaspoon of leaves and flowers for 10-15 minutes in a cup of boiling water. To drink three or four times a day.

Licorice is widely used in India for its calming properties. Just chew a small piece to get a quick reduction of the inflammation in the throat. To be consumed pure to keep its qualities intact. Be careful not to exceed the quantity, as it also has laxative effects and increases blood pressure. Therefore, especially in people suffering from hypertension.

Unusable to forget are honey and propolis tincture. These two natural energizers have extraordinary beneficial features useful to reduce the discomfort caused by a sore throat. Honey has soothing effects on coughing and irritation, while propolis is an excellent natural antibiotic, thanks to its antibacterial and immunostimulant action. Three drops of propolis tincture together with a teaspoon of honey will surely help.

Another valid help comes from the lemon. Two of these citrus fruit squeezed into a glass of water 4 times a day will bring considerable benefits, especially if the discomfort is accompanied by plaques to the throat. It can also be used in pairs with honey, preferably eucalyptus. Squeeze a lemon and add a teaspoon of honey to it, then consume one teaspoon every three hours.

Herbs and medicinal natural remedies for a sore throat

Useful in the form of preparations for gargling are the leaves of sage, basil and karkantari. For the first two it is enough to boil half a liter of water and infuse about ten leaves for about 10 minutes. The herb root of karkantari should instead be carefully washed and then boiled in two liters of water. In general, advice is always prevention. Remember to always take a lot of vitamin C, available in various foods, while avoiding to underestimate the sudden changes in temperature typical of spring and autumn. You might also like:

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