Music as motivation: Why does music motivate you to exercise?

Listening to music is beneficial for those who must exercise , because it increases physical performance , particularly for people with heart disease and high rates of overweight , reveal various studies, according to Scientific American magazine .

Music increases physical performance by up to 20% in these people, as well as giving them a better perspective on their training, as they consider it easier, explains Mark A. Andrews, from the physiology department at Lake Erie College. Keep reading: Amazing health benefits of grapes

Music as motivation

Music as motivation

“Almost everyone has experienced the relief that music brings to training: it increases motivation , distracts from fatigue and experiences a feeling of passing time more quickly.”

In this regard, specialists say that music increases physical performance and alertness because it contributes to the segregation of brain substances (neurotransmitters) that boost mood, as well as opiate substances, which are linked to pleasure and euphoria.

The aerobic exercise and basic physiological functions such as breathing and heartbeat, are, like the music , rhythmic activities. Since our organism is accustomed to rhythms, the influence of rhythmic sounds helps us to organize our physical movements.

Why listen to music while we train

The people who decide to listen to music while training is because we usually do aerobic activities, for example, running, cycling, spinning, aerobics, aquagym … we will analyze why we do it, often unconsciously.

We delay the exhaustion in time, more when we listen to music in front of those who do not. Or what is the same, our body resists almost 20% more. The mood much more positive compared to those who do not. The subjective effort we feel when doing physical exercise is much lower than if we do not listen to anything.

What you have to keep in mind is that we need a type of music that provides rhythm because you will synchronize the movements to the rhythm of the music almost without realizing it. So prepare well the list of music that you will listen to while training to motivate you and give you a lot more “energy”.

“Eye of the Tiger” and we eat the world

According to a study published by the newspaper Heraldo, the song that made us vibrate in Rocky is one of the most listened to by people who exercise, and it is sure that more than once you have synchronized it on your mobile or MP3 and you have felt that energy that enveloped the very Silvestre Stallone.

Without realizing it, almost with imperceptible movements you have begun to synchronize your movements with the rhythm of this song … until you accelerate around one or two beats per minute overcoming the comfort zone … in short, the intensity of training is increased .

According to the specialist in sports psychology, Kostas Karagoerghis, “this will increase your work rate, with the added benefit that the difference in effort will be almost imperfect.”

What is the music we usually listen to while we train?

What are the songs that you usually hear and that reach your soul so you can draw strength from within and continue with the training? Sure we dance Enrique Iglesias is one of them. Share those songs with us so that together we can form the best music list for the training. Take your mats, your shoes and hit the play on your player that we started training.

In the case of an aerobic exercise , it seems that a simple and fast rhythm is important. According to research, heavy metal, fast pop or hip-hop are suitable genres to stimulate the nervous system and facilitate physical behavior and body expression, which translates into greater physical performance .

However, those exercises designed to lose weight apparently do not cause the same waves in the brain, because their rhythm is different, compared to traditional aerobics.

Therefore, according to the researchers, this could be a reason why sometimes it costs a little more work to continue with an established training that, in addition to helping to lose weight, increases physical performance. You might interest also:

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