Ten amazing health benefits of running

Nobody escapes us, and it seems that they are evident, the enormous advantages that for a person suppose to run regularly. The benefits are obvious to all: thinner and fitter bodies, greater resistance, improvement of cardiovascular constants, greater strength, agility, and flexibility, among many others. But recent studies carried out by prestigious universities around the world have gone further, showing that running brings to the body a series of surprising benefits, which until now were not associated with the practice of the race.

Health benefits of running

health benefits of running

Improves and helps the cartilage grow

Until now it was thought that running was bad for the knees and damaged the cartilages by wearing them prematurely by rubbing. However, a study conducted in Australia, at Monash University, concludes that those who ran regularly increased the production of cartilage compared to those who were sedentary; thus protecting the cartilages of dreaded arthritis. Keep reading: Insomnia, are you having trouble sleeping?

Running, you’ll hear better!

The University of Bellarmine conducted a study on a group of female runners and found that those who were in shape by practicing regular jogging, had a thinner ear in, approximately, 8% more than those women who did not exercise. It seems that exercise increases blood flow also in the auditory pavilion, providing a series of nutrients that help preserve a better and fitter ear.

health benefits of running

Improves the response to pain

The prestigious publication American College of Sports & Medicine publishes a study carried out in Australia, between a group of runners and one of the people who did not, obtaining surprising results. And is that the group of runners had a higher pain threshold than those who did not run. The study was done on people who ran half an hour on alternate days. In order not to distort the study, the sample was made by the pressure of a tourniquet on the arm, not on the legs that could be more accustomed to suffering.

Protect and improve your skin

This is an experiment that has been done on mice and therefore their conclusions can only be extrapolated theoretically to humans. He says that those rodents who were given water to drink with caffeine and then had to run in the roller for a long time had a lower risk of getting skin cancer much less than those who only drank caffeinated water and did not they ran.

health benefits of running

Relieves headaches

This time it was a European university, Gothenburg, in Sweden, which found that people suffering from migraines, greatly reduced those episodes so painful when they underwent a routine of running for forty minutes, three days a week, during three months.

Regenerates the muscle

Until now it was thought that muscle mass was reducing and losing not only quality but size, from a certain age. This theory seems to have been refuted by the University of Illinois, which showed that exercise, and more specifically running, accelerated the process by which the body’s cells generated new muscle. Thus, running may be associated with the delay of the process of muscular degeneration due to the passage of age.

Running relaxes

The South Methodist University of Dallas found that there is a direct relationship between running and the ability that a person can have to relax more easily. Are you nervous for any reason? Go for a run, you will tolerate stress better if you practice medium-high intensity exercises on a regular basis.

Helps prevent cancer

A study conducted over 17 years on 2,560 middle-aged men concluded that those men who were more active, because they exercised and ran daily, were the least likely to die of any type of cancer, especially in regard to intestinal cancers or of lungs. The more exercise they did, the better results were obtained.

health benefits of running

It makes you smarter

Again the University of Illinois, very active in everything that has to do with the study of how it influences exercise and more specifically running in the body, was comparing the influence that running exercised on the brain, comparing it with other types of stimulation mental Surprisingly, they found that running was the brain’s biggest stimulant, above other stimuli. Running was, in fact, the only stimulus that markedly increased cognitive functions.

Strengthens bones

It was already known that loading exercises and high average intensity contribute to bone density, protecting the body against fractures and the feared osteoporosis. According to researchers at the University of Missouri, high-intensity exercise, such as running, seems to be one of the activities that reinforce in a more solid way and better protect the bones, making them stronger. If you enjoyed reading health benefits of running, don’t forget to share. You may also like: http://vardenafilinuk.com/4-sports-will-keep-shape/

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