Ten ways to be happy (endorsed by scientists)

Practically all of the sciences have studied what makes us happy and what is not and the answers are as varied as investigations have been made on the subject. Journalist Jeff Haden has collected some of the main attitudes that contribute to our happiness, based on the observations of Belle Beth Cooper. These are, among others, ten of the most solid conclusions.

Ten ways to be happy

ways to be happy

1. Exercise. Even for 7 minutes.

We often think we do not have time to exercise, but only seven minutes are enough to make us a little happier. Do not we have seven minutes to draw from our tight schedule? Keep reading: The most refreshing drinks will surprise you!

Exercise has such a profound effect on our happiness and well-being that it has become an effective strategy to combat depression. This was proved by a study cited in Shawn Achor’s book The Happiness Advantage. In it, three groups of depressed patients were treated with medication, sports or a combination of both. The results are truly amazing: all the groups experienced an improvement. However, they were tested six months later to check for relapse. 38% of those who had only taken medication had resumed depression, 31% of those who had combined medication and exercise had relapsed equally, and only 9% of those who had alleviated their depression with sports had relapsed at six months

The benefits of sports, however, are not limited to depressed people. Just as its effects are positive in these, they are in anyone who exercises and wants to be a little happier throughout the day. A good option is to practice running, which will give you a freedom that is impossible to achieve through other sports.

ways to be happy

2. Sleep more: you will be less susceptible to negative emotions

Sleeping is very important for the body to recover from its daily activity, and has very positive effects on our joy. This is confirmed by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman in NurtureShock, where they allude to the fact that negative stimuli are processed in the amygdala and positive and neutrals in the hippocampus. Lack of sleep affects the hippocampus more intensely, so people who sleep poorly tend to remember negative events intensely and forget positive ones.

The statement is supported by an experiment conducted by Walker in which a series of dream-deprived university students had to memorize a list of words. They remembered 81% of negative words, such as cancer, and only 31% of positive or neutral words, such as sun or basketball.

Here we offer you a guide to sleep well with the best (and the worst) postures to fall asleep.

The mood with which we face the first hours of the day can condition the whole day, so it is important to rest well.

ways to be happy

3. Spend more time with friends and family

It sounds topical, but not having spent enough time with friends and family is one of the main regrets that people express before they die. Interacting with those who appreciate and appreciate us positively reverts to our state of mind. This is how Daniel Gilbert, a professor of psychology at Harvard, explains: “We are happy when we have a family and we are happy when we have friends, and almost all the other things that we think make us happy are, in reality, ways to have more friends and more family. “

Along the same lines, the Terman study, collected in The Longevity Project, concluded that relationships with others are fundamental to living a long and happy life: “The clearest benefit of social relationships comes from helping others. they helped their friends and neighbors, counseling and caring for others, tended to live longer than the rest.

ways to be happy

4. Go outside frequently

In The Happiness Advantage Shawn Achor recommends spending time outdoors to increase joy and good mood: “Booking time to be outdoors when good weather provides great benefits, a study revealed to spend 20 minutes on the street when it makes good time not only encourages good humor but also triggers reflection and improves memory “.

So, even if it’s simply in the lunch break, reserve a few minutes a day to give you the air.

ways to be happy

5. Help others

To be happy ourselves it is essential to help others, and 100 hours a year (two hours a week) seems to be the key number of time we should devote to the rest. The Journal of Happiness Studies published an investigation that alluded to the fact that people who had been commissioned to buy something for another person experienced a happiness much greater than those who had bought something themselves.

Here we explain why happiness lies more in giving than in having or in improving social and work status.

ways to be happy

6. Smile

It’s not about pretending, but smiling can make us feel better. Of course, it is important that the smile is the product of cultivating positive thoughts, as stated by a study by Michigan State University. This suggests that those who work in front of the public, if they force a false smile throughout the day, their mood gets worse and they end up leaving work. However, those who smile as a result of thinking about positive things improve their mood and are happier.

Jose Antonio Marina and Dr. Luis Rojas Marcos, two of the great thinkers of Spain, explain in this interview to El Confidential that “when I smile, I express my well-being, but also increase my well-being”.

ways to be happy

7. Plan a trip, even if you are not going to do it

The mere fact of planning a trip or a break from work can contribute to well-being. A study published in the Applied Research in Quality Life showed that the greatest peak of happiness was experienced during the planning of vacations, rather than during the trip itself.

This is linked to the feeling of anticipation. As Shawn Achor also points out, “a study revealed that in people who thought they would watch their favorite movie, endorphin levels increased by 27%.”

ways to be happy

8. Meditate

A Massachusetts General Hospital research team performed brain scans on 16 people before and after participating in an eight-week meditation course. The study, published in Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, concluded that after completing the course the parts of the brain associated with compassion and self-consciousness had grown, while the parts related to stress were reduced.

In addition, meditation often relaxes and clarifies our mind, which also contributes to our own happiness. In addition to increasing creativity and intelligence, as defends the filmmaker David Lynch.

ways to be happy

9. Move close to work

The time it takes us to reach the workplace has a great impact on our happiness. After all, it’s something we do twice a day, five days a week, and people who take a long time to travel or who do it uncomfortably are less happy. This is what The Art of Manliness says: “While many conditions do not affect our happiness in the long term because we get used to them, we never get used to the daily effort of going to work, sometimes the traffic is frightening and sometimes not.” So Gilbert also said: “Driving in a traffic jam is a different kind of hell every day.”

ways to be happy

10. Practice gratitude

Being grateful for the things we have – what it means to value them in their proper measure – is very important to be aware of our happiness and enjoy it more. In fact, the participants of an experiment linked to gratitude had to, first of all, write a list of the things for which they were grateful, and that simple fact already improved their mood. Always in accordance with the Spanish proverb, for which “it is well born to be grateful”.

In the same ways to be happy that we can invest money in others, we can invest our time. It turns out to be even more satisfying and gives us a great deal of joy. You may also like: http://calvitaminsuit.com/vitamin-c-and-its-benefits-for-the-skin/

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