The most refreshing drinks will surprise you!

Soft drinks are not just cans or bottles that contain industrial beverages based on carbonated water, sugars and chemical substances responsible for their color, aroma, and flavor. The abuse in the consumption of this type of refreshing drinks. So, habitual in our day to day, is not healthy at all. Its high content of sugar is a factor that contributes to overweight and its acids can cause different digestive problems.

It is not about eliminating them in a radical way, but taking them sporadically, knowing that you have at your disposal other drinks, more healthy, delicious and with a capacity to hydrate and refresh you that will surprise you.

The most refreshing drinks

refreshing drinks

Iced tea

Having a good jug of cold tea in the fridge, ready to drink, is an excellent option to enjoy, at any time, one of the drinks with more power to refresh immediately. The green tea and red are perfect to enjoy tea with ice cubes and a mint leaf or peppermint . If you prefer a more relaxing drink, the “tea” roiboos, (without theine) , with its reddish color and its slightly sweet flavor, is also a cold delight and a magnificent source of antioxidants.

Lemonade and other “waters with fruits”

Few “remedies” are more effective in quenching thirst than the mixture of lemon juice and lime with cold water (or ice) . The lemonade is also an alkaline drink, which neutralizes the body’s acids and helps maintain an adequate weight. All advantages! By combining water with other fruits and vegetables, you can make your own refreshing drinks as healthy as possible.

Mix the juice of 1 lemon with 1 liquefied cucumber in 1 liter of water and you will get a healthy and refreshing drink, rich in vitamins and minerals, high diuretic power. Orange, pineapple, strawberry, peach … With the juice of these fruits or if you prefer, cutting them into small pieces and letting them marinate in water in the refrigerator for a few hours, you will have refreshing drinks, original and absolutely free of chemical compounds.

refreshing drinks


Smoothies, so fashionable in recent years, are an excellent formula to hydrate and ingest, almost without realizing, a significant amount of micronutrients. They are vegetable drinks that allow a thousand combinations and that, due to their pleasant texture (light and frothy), they are an ideal drink . Melon, pineapple, kiwi, pear, mango, papaya … the fruits and vegetables have to be beat very well so that they are perfectly integrated into the milk. In addition, smoothies admit the special touch that you most want: sweeten them with a little honey or cinnamon, add some spice, some mint leaves … you can make them more or less dense (adding water or ice). For their contribution in fiber are good allies in slimming diets.

refreshing drinks


The quintessential Valencian drink is a very nutritious drink that also has healthy digestive properties. It is made with chufa, small rich tuber minerals like iron or calcium as well as vitamin C and vitamin E . Suitable for almost everyone: children, the elderly, athletes who require extra energy, celiac ( does not contain gluten ) … Taken in moderation, a cold horchata is a source of health and well-being.


When the heat tightens, or after a few hours of hard exercise, a granita can hydrate you in depth and return the minerals (electrolytes) lost by perspiration . They are very easy to prepare, since they only require crushed ice and the juice of your favorite fruit . Lemon, orange, watermelon, strawberry … Other options, equally refreshing, can be a coffee,  mint and lemon tea or even barley water, a drink made with grains of this cereal, light bitter taste and it has to be taken very cold. You may also like:

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