5 foods with healthy fats that you can not forget

Did you know the foods with healthy fats that are good for the body? There are some nutritional confusions that condemn the presence of fats in the diet . However, it is essential that we differentiate the different types of fats that exist since there are some that are necessary for the organism.

The healthy fats (or good fats) should be part of our diet as they help us to enjoy optimal heart health , as well as recharge of energy . In this article we are going to discover 5 foods with healthy fats that you can not forget in your diet. Keep reading: Is chocolate healthy?

5 foods with healthy fats: the benefits it brings to the diet

foods with healthy fats

Before talking about foods with healthy fats that you can include in your routine , it is important that you know what this type of fats consist of . It is one of the macronutrients in our diet that give us more energy , therefore, acts in the same way in which carbohydrates act . The good fats are optimal for our body to function vitally both internally and externally.

But not only that, healthy fats also help us optimize other body functions , such as:

  • They help to metabolize vitamins better.
  • They purify the body and reduce toxins from alcohol and drugs.
  • They are essential for the production of hormones.
  • The healthy fats help regulate body temperature.
  • They protect our organs.
  • They are part of the nervous system.

Therefore, fats known as “good” or “healthy” must exist and be part of our diet so that, thus, we live in a 100% healthy and safe environment.

The best foods with healthy fats

foods with healthy fats

But what are foods with healthy fats? The first thing we must point out is that “fatty” foods are not rich in this type of fat. That is to say, neither sweets, nor trinkets, nor fast-food contribute us good fats but they are rich in, precisely, the opposite: trans fats and saturated fats .

Therefore, it is essential to know which foods are healthy fats that have to be part of our diet . Only then, we will enjoy healthy eating and Optim to the organism.

Avocado: it is one of the best known foods that provide us with good fats . It is an ingredient from Latin America and can be mixed, perfectly, in sandwiches, salads , preparing sauces, and so on. It offers us 15 grams of good fat per 100 grams of this fruit.

Nuts: all nuts are rich in good fats but, especially, nuts stand out as they provide a lot of fat (21 grams per 100 grams of food). Other varieties that are also rich in fats are hazelnuts , almonds or pistachios.

Olive oil: in the Mediterranean cuisine the olive oil is one of the basic ingredients. And, remember, that the Mediterranean diet is considered by the WHO as one of the best and healthiest diets . The reason is that it includes the consumption of fruits, vegetables, meats and fish but, all this, made with olive oil , seasoning full of nutrients and healthy fats .

foods with healthy fats

Olives: the olives, as their own name indicates, come from the oil. And, therefore, if we just indicate that the oil is full of good fats , the olives will be too. For this reason, whenever you want to do a “pica-pica” in the afternoon, it is best to opt for some olives, as they will provide you with very beneficial nutrients for your health .

Bluefish: within proteins , blue fish are the bestfoods with healthy fats. The reason is that they are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids , a nutrient that our body does not generate by itself. This variety of fish gives us a lot of good fats that will help us enjoy a much fuller health and in perfect conditions. You may also like: http://fitness7elements.com/8-good-reasons-to-eat-ginger-daily/

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