How to avoid diarrhea and why it occurs

Summer is around the corner, which means that it is almost time to welcome the time of year characterized by the warmth and the desired vacations that, in many cases, involve days or weeks outside. at home. It is the right time to talk about diarrhea since it is precisely in these months when it is most likely to suffer.

How to avoid diarrhea and why it occurs

How to avoid diarrhea

No one is free of having suffered it, to a greater or lesser extent, and it is well known that it can spoil any plan: a day at the pool or on the beach, a weekend of tourism or that trip to a foreign country that had once been programmed to detail. Keep reading: Insomnia, are you having trouble sleeping?

The symptoms of diarrhea are known, especially abdominal pain, weakness, and nausea. But do not forget the dehydration that causes, especially relevant in summer, at which time doctors place more emphasis on the importance of hydration.

Causes of diarrhea

How to avoid diarrhea

To make matters worse, diarrhea can occur from multiple causes and from different origins, although some of the most common is related to the intake of food and water different from usual. That is why this holiday period increases the alert since one of the main charms that a trip entails is enjoying a different gastronomy than what you are used to; even though that is where the risk lies.

However, medicine makes available to anyone a number of methods that help protect the bowel from diarrhea, a prevention to enjoy a vacation without mishaps.

Treatment of Diarrhea

The basis to achieve this is to maintain a good intestinal microbiota, this refers to the set of microorganisms in the intestine that are responsible for keeping it healthy. The state of this intestinal flora is linked to factors such as food and fluids that the body ingests or the use of antibiotics, which can weaken it.

How to avoid diarrhea

So the key is in natural pharmaceutical products such as those made by probiotics, which are yeasts or bacteria (both, part of the digestive system), whose impact on the gut microbiota is highly beneficial, as it helps to recover, balance and strengthen the composition of the flora.

It is a product for adults and children, a probiotic medicine whose composition is based on a live yeast discovered in the skin of the litchi tropical fruit, which restores the intestine naturally and whose administration can be recommended to treat various causes of diarrhea and in the prevention of those produced by the administration of antibiotics.

These are issues that have a direct link with the state of the gut microbiota and can be prevented or benefited by these drugs. Did you know that bad breath can have, in many cases, its origin in the state of the flora of the intestine?

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