How to remove nail polish without acetone

If at some point you are going to remove the paint from your nails, and you realize that you do not have nail polish remover at home, you do not have to leave your nails in bad shape and chipped. As there are some tricks that will help you remove the enamel without the need to have to use acetone for it. These methods can also be put into practice if you do not like the effect. The acetone leaves on your nails and you want them to look better. Take note of the tips in this article from a Como and discover how to remove nail polish without acetone.

How to remove nail polish

There are many ways to remove nail polish. Let’s now how to remove nail polish without acetone? Keep reading: Take proper care of nails: 16 execellent home remedies

How to remove nail polish without acetone

Tips no 1

If you want to leave your nails perfectly clean without having to resort to acetone and also have a little time for this task, then the best solution is to prepare the next homemade nail polish remover. For this, you only need two ingredients: isopropyl alcohol and white sugar. In a small bowl, add a little sugar and a few drops of alcohol and stir until well blended. Then, soak a cotton disk in the preparation and go removing the nail polish as you usually do. You will see how it works, and your nails will be impeccable.

Tips no 2

Do you have nail polish at home? If so, this will also serve to remove the paint from the nails without nail polish remover. Apply a good layer of transparent shine on the nails and without letting it dry, remove quickly with a cotton pad. The enamel that was dry will soften. You will be able to eliminate it easily. So that, the result will be impeccable nails in a couple of minutes. This is hardening you will also improve its appearance.

Tips no 3

Both deodorants in spray format and hairspray contain components similar to acetone. So, they can also get you out of a hurry and leave your nails very clean. Apply minimal amount on each of your nails and remove the enamel at once with a cotton disk. It is important that you do not wait for the deodorant or the lacquer to dry out since then the opposite effect will occur, and the enamel will fix even more. Keep reading

How to remove nail polish without acetone

Tips no 4

Any perfume or body spray that you have in your kit can be used to remove nail polish without acetone. As these usually contain an effective percentage of alcohol for it. Apply a little of these products on each of your nails. In the same way, with the rest of treatments remove the paint immediately using a cotton disk.

Tips no 5

Another home treatment that can work to remove nail polish from home is preparing a mixture of white vinegar and lemon juice. Add the same amount of both ingredients in a container and then use it as a normal nail polish remover.

Tips no 6

Apart from these tricks that you can easily implement at home. You should know that in the market you will find nail polish removers without acetone. This does not damage the nails so much and is ideal especially for women who have brittle nails. You will also find formulas enriched with moisturizing ingredients or essential oils that nourish the nails and prevent them from weakening excessively.

Tips no 7

If once you have left your nails clean, you want them to show off again with spectacular color. In addition to choosing the nail polish, you must take into account the tips. If you want to read more articles similar to how to remove nail polish without acetone, we recommend you to read

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