Benefits of beer | Does Beer Help Lower Cholesterol?

We all know the good relationship that exists between beer and physical exercise, moreover, the summer is approaching and we are already beginning to suffer those days of stifling heat … Drinking beer covers most of the daily requirements of soluble fiber, being the best Drink (after water) to moisturize. A recent study reveals benefits of beer. Barley lowers cholesterol and slows aging, and we know that right now you’ll be asking yourself, “Do you drink beer counts?”

If you are looking for an alternative to your bowl of oatmeal each morning, barely could be a strong competitor. A half cup of barley has less than 100 calories (more than 3 grams of fiber and about 2 grams of protein) compared to 150 oats. Also, hops, another of the fundamental ingredients of beer along with barley, prevents the oxidation of the cells at the same time as it decreases the different levels of both total cholesterol and triglycerides.

Benefits of beer


Researchers after analyzing 14 studies looked at how barley impacted “bad” cholesterol and lipids. A daily diet containing 6.5 to 6.9 grams of beta-glucan fiber (which translates to about 3/4 cup of pearled barley) reduces the levels of LDL (“bad” cholesterol) and HDL (“Good” cholesterol) by 7% after four weeks. This leads to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease or strokes because it prevents the formation of blood clots that block the flow to the heart and brain. Generally, these health problems are treated with medication, but this research shows that a simple change in diet could also help.

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Beer is not the best way to meet your daily barley ration. You have many ways to include barley in your dishes, not just drinking beer. It is easier to cook with it than it seems since brewer’s yeast can be added to virtually anything. Try it on vegetable stews, soups, hot or cold vegetable creams, yogurt with cereals, pasta sauces, vegetable fillings, gratin or even batter; it can also give a very special flavor to a tasty risotto, for example. Keep reading

In addition to being easy to COOK and possess a very pleasant taste, it contains a high nutritional power. It is RICH in minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, and provides vitamins A, B, C, and E.


A healthier heart

But not only prevents cholesterol, more than 100 studies have shown, as we said, that moderate consumption of beer reduces the risk of heart attacks and death from cardiovascular disease by 25 to 40%. One or two beers a day can help raise HDL levels, the so-called “good cholesterol” that helps prevent arteries from becoming clogged. Improve your mood:

It also prevents osteoporosis, preserves the kidneys healthy to be diuretic, is a remedy against colds, favors intestinal transit, fights against insomnia and reduces cataracts, improves skin and hair, among many other health benefits and esthetic.


Remember! Of course, that the key to take advantage of the benefits of beer is moderation. As in everything, excesses are not good. Excessive consumption of alcohol can damage the liver or cause some types of cancer or heart problems, meaning what has been a benefit so far can become your own destructor. Beer, a drink that so good to enjoy with friends after leaving the office or to cool off on the beach sunbathing or watching the sunset watching the sea.

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