The best sports and activities to lose weight

Doing sport is not only basic in terms of health and physical strength but also to maintain a healthy weight. It is a way of seeing results easily, which, at the same time, positively impacts our motivation. And that’s why today we collect some of the best sports disciplines, ranging from some seemingly “light” like the walk, to other more intense like the running or other intensely intense indoor. But let’s explain activities to lose weight.

activities to lose weight

How to perform activities to lose weight?

Let’s start with something simple: lose weight walking. Something that is sure to have surprised more than one and one, for being a very effective alternative when it comes to burning fats. In fact, it is a discipline that, unlike other more demanding, can implement practically anyone. In addition, it saves the impact of the feet when hitting the asphalt proper of the running and other possible articular disadvantages.

Here the idea is to practice a low-intensity activity but of long duration, that supplies of the reserves of fat; something perfect for people with a few extra kilos. In any case, if you go for a walk you should also do it at a brisk pace, combine the slopes with the flat terrain, and try different surfaces. At this point, alternatives such as hiking also have room.

activities to lose weight

How to Lose Weight Running

The approach of the running is totally opposite: to lose weight with a very intense activity and in less time. The reason? If you submit to your body to a continuous effort during a long period you will generate an excess of cortisol, a hormone directly related to the destruction of the muscular fabric and associated with the stress. In addition, it is one of the great enemies of fat burning.

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If you’ve started running, it’s best to do it about three times a week. In this way, you will also avoid falling into the ‘overtraining’ and you will save yourself possible injuries due to excessive load or similar. When you go out to train, on the other hand, it is advisable that you practice interval training and alternate the smooth race with sprints or rhythm changes.

In any case, you should also keep in mind that high-intensity exercises may be the most effective for burning certain types of fat such as abdominal and subcutaneous, not to mention that they help raise the metabolic rate and keep it in this state for more weather. The average calorie expenditure for 30 minutes of exercise is around 600 calories.

Within this discipline, on the other hand, trail running is very interesting, not only because it is more demanding and increases the mentioned energy expenditure, but also because it gives you the opportunity to enjoy wonderful landscapes and the benefits of running in full nature, Breathing pure air and a long etcetera that you can already imagine. In any case, equip yourself in the right way.

activities to lose weight

How can we lose weight on a bicycle?

If we talk about outdoor sports, we cannot fail to mention cycling. A sport very easy to put into practice and whose physical effort can vary tremendously depending on speed, terrain, resistance and other issues. To give you an idea, pedaling at less than 20 kilometers per hour manages to burn about 500 calories, while if you do it above 25 this amount practically doubles. Check also:

The trick to acquiring speed and resistance is to increase the difficulty and pedaling per minute progressively. Participating in careers will also help you stay motivated. Remember to breathe through your nose and avoid force by putting your fingers on the handlebars.

How can we lose weight in the gym?

Another secret to losing weight is to gain muscle. Yes, because precisely this will be the perfect ally in allowing us to lose fat and accelerate the metabolism. It is even likely that, when you begin to strengthen yourself, do not lose weight, but increase. Here it will be important to know what you have won and what you have “left by the way”.

Of course, and in the area of the gym, you can also opt for aerobic activities capable of losing a lot of calories. This is the case of spinning and kickboxing. Mounted on these static bikes you’ll end up with up to 800 calories in less than an hour. Regarding kickboxing, the average is set at about 400, and allows improving the balance and releasing the contained aggressiveness.

The rowing machine is also very effective. In fact, it is estimated that it is possible to burn an average of 1,000 calories per hour. In addition to the benefits that directly affect the back, shoulders, biceps, and abdominals, which are strengthened. Jumping on the rope is another of our favorites: you get off with 500 calories an hour, improves balance and strengthens leg strength. The treadmill and elliptical will be other of your great allies. Keep reading

activities to lose weight

How many calories can I consume going up and down stairs?

To finish and beyond the exercise itself, if you want to face the scale, ideally you acquire healthy habits and modify your routines. We are referring to things as simple as changing the elevator up to the stairs, because going up and down stairs is a tremendously beneficial and very complete aerobic activity, which sets in motion both the upper and lower train.

Regarding the activities to lose weight and consumption of calories, to raise them uses about 900 calories per hour, while to lower them it spends about 365. Of course and as you will have deduced, you will have to frequent them several times to the day to notice the benefits. However, it is also a great exercise as indoor heating, especially in times of cold.

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