Effects of Sugar: The Murderer of the 21st Century

Until now, we thought that the main problem in terms of food. Therefore, in the health of individuals resided in the excess of fat consumption if it is true that taken in the excess amount of sugar produce a significant risk to health. There are effects of sugar excesses that also affect our health.

effects of sugar

The effects of sugar in our body

Currently, there is an increasingly established line of research that highlights the negative effects of sugar that health environments have on our body. According to research, sugar is one of the many causes of this situation. Following in this same line this substrate derived from simple carbohydrates is exposed in important quantities in much of the foods. It we eat in excess (snacks, carbonated drinks …) and that also cause a great sensation of pleasure when ingesting them. Keep reading: 7 Mistakes That Stop You from Losing Weight.

effects of sugar

Some bad effects of sugar:

Among the many harmful effects that this substance has for health, we can find those related to cardiovascular diseases. Atherosclerosis is one of them, the sugar generates in the vascular endothelium a decrease in the elastic capacity of the same and therefore a hardening of the arterial walls that in the end will be a very predisposing factor to arterial hypertension.

Another negative effects of sugar that we can find, is insulin resistance. Insulin is the hormone responsible for transporting glucose from the bloodstream to the muscle cell. When insulin resistance is generated, that transport process is impaired and insulin loses efficiency in its performance. We are faced with non-insulin dependent diabetes (Type II diabetes). Following in the same line the excess of sugars in the blood, in the first instance causes an increase in the production of insulin by the pancreas, generating hyperinsulinemia, a situation that also causes loss of endothelial function.

effects of sugar

Sugar brings some dangerous diseases:

Within the current food scenario, sugar is present in many of them in an uncontrolled way. It has long been known to be a highly addictive substance as much or more than many drugs. With the great difference that is socially well considered. From the field of science, they warn the population that excessive consumption of this substrate is causing. It will cause many of the diseases we are suffering today: obesity, diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, cancer and a long.

effects of sugar

End up with:

To conclude, we can establish that one of the most effective strategies to combat this hyperglycemic epidemic suffered by society is physical exercise and all its variants. An active living habit will effectively block the negative responses that generate excess sugars in our body. Be alert of the effects of sugar.


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