Eating Healthy In College

I know from experience that the Freshman is real. With all the new experiences and responsibilities of college, the first thing to go for most students is their health. If I had to do it all over again I would have been more disciplined about eating well and exercising in college. Not just so that I didn’t gain weight, but also because when you eat healthily and exercise, your brain functions better. And shouldn’t the number one priority in college be to keep your mind working at its best so that you can learn as much as possible?

So I was glad to see this article on Tips For Eating Healthy in College where they provide some solid advice to college students looking to avoid the Freshman and the steady dose of bad eating habits that most college students take on. Some of the best tips they provide are:

1. Avoid dehydration. This will keep your appetite down as well and help you avoid headaches.

2. Go for lean protein and combine it with a salad or some vegetables. Hopefully, you have options in your dining hall. Just make sure to choose the foods that are not full of starches, carbs and processed junk. And avoid soda pop at all costs.

3. Limit your intake of fast food. It’s very tempting to order delivery or to go out for a late night fast food snack. Try to have some healthy food on hand to avoid this temptation.

So if you want to make the most out of your education while earning your college degree, make sure to pamper your mind by eating healthy, getting good rest, and exercising as much as possible. Sure you might have to sacrifice a few late night video games or TV shows, and you might have to decide to lay down rather than stimulate yourself with coffee, but in the end, if you pay attention to your body, feed it healthy food, rest when it needs rest, and keep it well exercised, you will thrive.

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