Eating Healthy In College

I know from experience that the Freshman is real. With all the new experiences and responsibilities of college, the first thing to go for most students is their health. If I had to do it all over again I would have been more disciplined about eating well and exercising in college. Not just so that I didn’t gain weight, but also because when you eat healthily and exercise, your brain functions better. And shouldn’t the number one priority in college be to keep your mind working at its best so that you can learn as much as possible?

So I was glad to see this article on Tips For Eating Healthy in College where they provide some solid advice to college students looking to avoid the Freshman and the steady dose of bad eating habits that most college students take on. Some of the best tips they provide are:

1. Avoid dehydration. This will keep your appetite down as well and help you avoid headaches.

2. Go for lean protein and combine it with a salad or some vegetables. Hopefully, you have options in your dining hall. Just make sure to choose the foods that are not full of starches, carbs and processed junk. And avoid soda pop at all costs.

3. Limit your intake of fast food. It’s very tempting to order delivery or to go out for a late night fast food snack. Try to have some healthy food on hand to avoid this temptation.

So if you want to make the most out of your education while earning your college degree, make sure to pamper your mind by eating healthy, getting good rest, and exercising as much as possible. Sure you might have to sacrifice a few late night video games or TV shows, and you might have to decide to lay down rather than stimulate yourself with coffee, but in the end, if you pay attention to your body, feed it healthy food, rest when it needs rest, and keep it well exercised, you will thrive.

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Eating well is not that difficult

It seems like little by little we create awareness about the problem that involves the health of consuming highly processed foods. Getting back to our origins is the best option and eating the healthy real food is the best choice for keeping a good health and to stay away from some of the modern diseases.

In this case, there has to be a lot of work to be done, taking into account the constant investment of large companies, which bombard us daily and whose main objective is to increase their sales revenue instead they are giving little attention for your health. Therefore, we have to fight against misleading from that kind of companies that force us to consume processed foods.

Processed foods

From food devastates we get a clear idea that we don’t want to take the hustles of making homemade food are making this Processed foods companies more successful in their business.  Now what we usually do? We just take the food from the freezer, put the tray in the microwave and get pleased to have that ready-made food.

It seems much easier and faster than buying all the ingredients, cooking, eating and cleaning the dirty utensil.

But often you forget about your health. Does not your health deserve you to devote a little of your time? No doubt the answer should be yes. Already processed food includes in its recipes more than one ingredient, usually many. The more processed the less nutritional value remains in it. Fewer vitamins and minerals we will consume, more constituent will go against the health of our body.

The main problem is that in the production process those companies will add a lot of sugar (although not apparently sweet foods), salt and Tran’s fats and withdrawn nutrients from food that might be good for health. With the consumption of these foods with large quantity might contribute to obesity rates, high blood pressure, cholesterol, conditions that are directly related to heart attacks.

Natural foods VS processed food


Sugar exists naturally in some foods, especially in fruit, where sugar stay in a higher percentage. However, it comes along with fiber, which makes glucose to slowly pass into the bloodstream to minimizing sugar spikes. That way you can avoid fast drops of blood sugar because the first thing you have already done is you avoid the peak. In this way, the energy levels remain more stable


We all know salt is the reason increasing blood pressure. The main problem is they use the large amounts of salt in the processed foods but at home, we don’t use that much may a pinch which makes the home food much healthier.

Tran’s fat

Fats have always been the main reason for heart disease, overweight, and other health problems. In fact, it is necessary to specify which fats are the ones that are undesirable for your health. These are the famous Trans fats. Transgenic fats are those that are generated through cooking with oils that are used in the processed food industry largely. This includes almost the entire industry and you will often see the label says hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil is equivalent to Trans fats.

What does it take when you eat Tran’s fats?

  1. Inflammation,
  2. Poor blood pressure level,
  3. Increased bad cholesterol, and
  4. Increased chance of suffering from cardiovascular disease,

It is better not to consume these foods, and consider you to opt for the healthier options, no doubt your body will thank you…

Tips to bring a better diet to life

Without being a nutritionist, or haven’t got enough knowledge you might get all the unhealthy food that broken down in the digestive process. Follow this instruction to have healthy diet every day.

Eat real food:

 Choose from any other option try to have fresh, unpackaged foods. Fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, eggs might be the best options. Try to have natural vegetables in each of your meals.

Cook healthily: Basically any preparation tries to avoid anything that fries in the deep oil. Use the pan to cook healthy food and learn how to prepare them. Eat with awareness of what you consume and knowing that you are giving your body the best

Do feel bad when you take the unhealthy food once in a while and because you know it is the best option for your health. If we want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, we know it cannot sustain over time. For that one day when you decide to eat pizza or chips, it will not make you a person who is not taken care of your health and put yourself into the risk of diseases.

Learn how to enjoy the real food. As you discard foods that were not good for your health leave them no matter how delicious they might be.

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Technique to end worries quickly!

Human beings tend to worry too much and we reach a point where paranoia takes over our minds. It is completely normal that we want to prevent accidents and unpleasant situations, but from there to Capricorn’s directly with things that have not even happened is harmful and toxic. The worries manage to have a certain power in our mind and intercede considerably in our actions and plans for the future, that is why we must look for a feasible technique that allows us to leave them behind quickly and we can continue with our life.

When you worry you are spending too much energy, which you could be using for other activities much healthier than stressing things that have a solution, because everything in this life is resolved, you just need to keep your mind cold and stop thinking about it. pessimistic. Remember that, according to the law of attraction, exactly what you think happens to you and if in your mind you only have chaos, rest assured that that is what will reign in your life.

Live the present and forget a little what will happen in the future

What you have now is what matters and you have to live it, enjoy it and enjoy it. Experience everything you can right now because in the end, you never know when the last day of your life will be. If you worry about your future or that of your loved ones, you end up neglecting how valuable you are in the present, be it to your family, partner, friends, work, etc. Everything has a stage and it is not fair that you want to fulfill them all at the same time because of anxiety.

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Life is based on experiencing both good and bad moments, from there come to our experiences and memories that make up our character. We do not see these difficult situations as something negative but as a learning. 

End the worries by making an extensive list

Go to a place where you feel comfortable and can meditate without problems, where nobody interrupts you and you can keep your mind blank. Once there, begin to make a list of things that once worried you too much, no matter if they were personal situations or other subjects, you need to write them all to let out the frustration. Now, analyze each of them and determine if they have happened, you may notice that the vast majority does not even resemble the result you obtained. From there you will realize how toxic it can become to worry in the extreme.

There are many people who achieve their goals in the simplest way possible and somehow you have to follow their example, after all, if they can do it. Why do not you? Think that you limit yourself and deny yourself the opportunities that life offers you, in addition, always keep in mind that negativity ends up becoming someone with charged vibrations and these little by little make it impossible for you to succeed and overcome.

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How eating Tilapia can be dangerous for your health?

If you are even a little good health conscious, you probably know that the essential fatty acids (EFA) are an integral part of good health. In addition, EFA’s promote healthy skin, hair, and nails. The most notable among the EFA’s are the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. The American Heart Association strongly recommends Omega 3 fatty acids to maintain good heart health. The AHA recommends you consume at least two servings of fish each week to ensure your body receives enough Omega 3 fatty acids to benefit you.

The AHA has spoken and you the public have heeded the recommendation. Researchers have found an upward trend in the consumption of fish. However, the upward trend of fish consumption is for the wrong kind of fish and may actually result in more harm than good. The two types of EFA’s noted above require a specific balance of consumption, only four omega 6 fatty acids should be consumed for every one omega-3 fatty acid. But many people consume up to 30 times more of the omega-6 fatty acids than the omega-3. So what is the problem and what does the type of fish have to do with it?

The imbalance of the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids can contribute to heart disease, cancer, asthma, and arthritis. Too much Omega-6 without the proper amount of Omega-3 to balance the amount can promote inflammation. And inflammation contributes to and promotes the incidence of chronic conditions. Evidence indicates higher levels of Omega-3 has successfully reduced inflammation and can, therefore, prevent the chronic diseases associated with inflammation.

Certain fish have high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids. Since our diets tend to be very high in Omega-6 fatty acids, eating the fish with high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids is important to achieve a healthy balance of the EFA’s and to prevent disease. Both salmon and trout are touted as having high levels of the omega-3 fatty acid. But these are not the fish that consumers are choosing. Instead, they are eating tilapia. Tilapia contains extremely low levels of omega-3 fatty acids, therefore, provides no assistance in balancing the two EFA’s.

Experts fear that people actively trying to control inflammatory diseases by consuming Tilapia to get the AHA’s recommended 1 gram per day each of the two most important omega-3’s (EPA and DHA) won’t get these essential nutrients. Since the omega-3’s are considered critical in controlling the inflammatory conditions, people diagnosed with one of the inflammatory conditions may not receive potentially life-saving nutrients if their only using the tilapia fish as their source of Omega-3. It is important to eat the right fish, so make sure you choose a fish that is high in Omega-3’s. Eat trout and salmon and limit your consumption of tilapia.

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