Different kinds of Spa

Different ways of spas are classified, always according to the accommodations and services they offer to users. The classifications present variations according to the countries. For example, what in some Latin American countries is known as a spa day, in other countries such as Spain is known as a day spa. What is Latin America implies the concept of Health Spa, in certain European nations, fits better in the concept of thalassotherapy, although the definitions do not always imply that one concept is equivalent to the other.

The main types of spa that currently offer services are listed below:

Day Spa – Urban Spa

A Day Spa is any Spa where the user stays one day, half a day or a few hours. A Day Spa differs from a Spa Hotel or a Spa Resort. Due to the fact that it does not offer overnight accommodation. A Day Spa is a type of spa very frequented by those who want to have a time of care for their body and relaxation. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

A Day Spa is completely dedicated to health, beauty, and well-being. Day Spa offers simple services ranging from a facial massage, a bath or a body massage. To a range of services of a day or half a day that include facials, body treatments, beauty treatments, baths, massages, hair treatments, health and wellness treatments. In some cases, it is accompanied by exercises and personal training programs.

The Day Spa concept is totally linked to the Spa Urban. In an urban Spa is located within a city and with easy access to users. In general, the Urban Spa has the same types of services as a Day Spa, since it does not have accommodation options. The only difference is that the Day Spa can be located in a rural environment, outside the urban of a city. Visit Waxing in NYC to get the best care of waxing.

Spa Resort / Spa Hotel

The concept refers to when the spa is in hotels and resorts with all the usual facilities that they present. Without forgetting that the primary focus of the business is accommodation, the spa and health and wellness services are provided. In some Resort Spa, additional specific activities are offered, such as golf courses, for example. Hotels, resorts, all-inclusive hotels, villas, country clubs as well as inns fall into this category, as long as they offer spa services with their respective facilities.

A Spa Hotel or Resort spa usually has a spa that includes a pool, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi plus treatment rooms. Users receive individual treatments such as facial, body, beauty and massage, always administered by local therapists.

Destination Spa

A Spa of Destiny is a facility totally oriented to the Spa experience. In addition to the usual treatments (facial, beauty, baths, massages, etc) they also offer healthy food and drinks, nutrition and weight reduction treatments, detoxification programs, fitness programs, more education and consulting services for complete wellness, focusing on health and well-being. In certain countries, they are known as Holiday Spa.

Wellness Spa

A Wellness Spa is a spa focused on users who are interested in knowing and deepening on health, illnesses, addictions and healthy habits. In several countries -even in Spain- they are also known for their expression in English, that is, wellness centers.

Health Spa

A Health Spa offers similar facilities as a hotel, but focusing its activities on beauty, nutrition, health and bodily activities. Plans with healthy eating are always available. A Health Spa is entirely dedicated to health, beauty, and well-being through different procedures and treatments. It can include health services, treatment of conditions and cures, holistic treatments, medical clinic and services through marine, thermal or mineral waters. The thalassotherapy centers fit perfectly in this category. Relaxation, detoxification or weight reduction and weight loss services can also be offered in this type of spa.

Spa of Care

A Spa of care (or Pamper Spa as it is known in several European countries) usually offers relaxation services, indulgence and treatments to combat stress.

Club Spa

A Club Spa is a place mainly dedicated to activities and corporate exercises (called a gym or gym in many countries) that adds infrastructure and spa services within its main activity. It usually implies a membership. The concept includes a health club, gym or leisure activities within a spa area.

Therapeutic Spa

A Therapeutic Spa offers therapeutic services for the body and mind. One Spa Therapeutic can usually include thalassotherapy, thermal or mineral water services and medical clinic services.

Holistic Spa

Holistic Spa and health therapies for the body and soul. A Holistic Spa focuses on the search for a balance of life.

 Medical Spa

A Medical Spa offers treatments for wellness under the direction of a medical professional and usually includes diverse medical services, such as nutritionists, sports medicine, physical therapy, care pregnancy, etc. Cruise Spas Simply, a Cruise Spa is a cruise ship that has a built-in spa inside and offers spa services to cruise passengers. Finally we recommended Spa in Manhattan and Best nail Salon in Manhattan to know more details.