Some Alternatives to Loot Boxes in Gaming

The current hot topic when it comes to gaming news is loot boxes, and there is a good reason behind the trend: Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and Need for Speed: Payback along with a number of other titles are all offering the feature, and many players are up in arms.

Loot boxes are in-game packs that hold randomly generated perks and other items, for the most part. The big issue at the moment is that getting hold of these boxes requires tons of in-game experience or credits, or even real money. So, these boxes are being compared to gambling like you’d enjoy at Lucky Nugget casino Canada, as buying them really is taking a gamble.

The Two Big Issues with Loot Boxes 

The first problem is that game progression can potentially be stifled. Developers may feel tempted to falsely prolong the grind, which issue can be immediately solved by your spending cash on possible perks -they are randomly generated, so you are never sure what your loot box will contain. 

The second issue revolves around these boxes as they occur in a multiplayer game. Cosmetic items are not going to sway the tide of a battle between players, but the problem arises when less skilled, but wealthier, players are able to simply hand over money and so get better guns and the power-ups they need in order to obliterate their opponents.

A Case for the Purchasing of Loot Boxes 

Some people, however, simply cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars or dozens of hours playing a title in order to get their hands on in-game goodies. But purposefully prolonging progression, or even stifling the chance of it, for customers who have already paid money by buying the game in favour of giving those able to afford loot boxes doesn’t make for wonderful practice.

Some Alternatives for Purchasing Loot Boxes 

Although monetisation verging on the dishonest as been a feature for a while now, in both traditional and mobile game arenas, there are solutions in terms of alternatives for loot boxes.

These are a few that spring to mind:

  1. Ads
  1. Paying Extra for a Title

At least one analytics firm has proposed the idea of publishers raising prices, thanks to the fact that the cost per hour of play is lower than most other entertainment..

  1. Splitting Single- and Multiplayer

Call of Duty and Battlefield have split the single- and multiplayer components.

  1. Free to Play Multiplayer

Prominent free-to-play examples include Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2, both of which offer cosmetic items for purchase as part of their financial strategy.

  1. Additional Product Placement

This doesn’t hurt if it is done well, as is the case of that seen in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Burnout Paradise. This is an accepted method by many movies and televisions shows.

  1. Subscription-Based Progression

Examples like War Thunder and World of Tanks spring to mind as examples of subscription-based progression. In these games, players are able to pay a daily, weekly, or even monthly fee in exchange for accelerated progression.

10 tips to burn calories without exercise

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How to Clean The Oily Skin?

Women who have oily skin, consider themselves the unhappy: unpleasant greasy shine, dilated pores, pimples, blackheads and black dots – all this not only spoils the appearance of the face but also causes a lot of inconveniences. Owners of such a derma do not console even that it, unlike dry and normal, is less sensitive to external influences and, as a rule, is not prone to premature aging, that is, the first wrinkles on it usually appear only after 40 years. Therefore, ladies suffering from the high-fat content of the skin, try in every way to combat this phenomenon.

Some try to mask unhealthy shine and defects on the skin with the help of decorative cosmetics, others diligently rub their faces with matting tonics and lotions, while others generally manage with only drying creams. However, these methods help to eliminate only visual manifestations of excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, and then for a short time. The fact is that the fatty type derma needs special care, the basis of which is its proper cleansing. Keep reading

Why cleanse the skin?

Many women underestimate the importance of high-quality skin cleansing, believing that to maintain its purity enough hygienic procedures using soap, foam or tonic. But this opinion is erroneous because detergents remove only surface contaminants, without freeing the pores from the accumulation of greasy secretions and dead particles of the epithelium, as a result of which the skin loses its ability to breathe normally and interact with the environment, becomes dull and acquires an earthy tinge. At the same time, the barrier functions of the dermis are broken, and it becomes extremely vulnerable to infections, starts to inflame and flake off.

In addition, proper cleansing helps to prepare the skin for further care and increase its receptivity to cosmetic products. This is because the clean dermis absorbs moisture and substances dissolved in it better. Thus, the effectiveness of any caring procedures after cleansing the skin is significantly increased.

Activated charcoal mask for oily skin


  • Activated charcoal – 2 tablets;
  • Sea salt – half a teaspoon;
  • Aloe – several leaves.

The recipe for preparing the mask:

  • Leave the aloe leaves, grind and squeeze out the juice from them. For the mask, you need 2 teaspoons of aloe juice.
  • Mix aloe juice with activated charcoal powder and salt. If the mask is very thick, then it can be diluted with water a little.

Apply a thin layer of charcoal mask to a clean and steamed face. If you massage your face in a circular motion, you will get a peeling – sea salt acts as a brush, which cleans all the dirt. The mask should be kept for 30 minutes, after which it must be washed off with water. This remedy is good for problem skin. Coal deeply cleanses pores, sea salt removes excess sebum, and aloe disinfects inflammation on the skin. If you do this mask regularly – every other day, after a few weeks your skin will become smooth and even.

Peptide Helps To Fat Burning and Boost Stamina

Peptide has several interesting features. First, it is a good fat burner, and secondly, it can increase the endurance of athletes. It’s became quite a popular drug among cyclists, but he is interesting to us from the point of view of bodybuilding. Today we will find out whether there is any sense in using this drug by law enforcers.

Mechanism of peptide influence on the body

The main effect on the organism of this peptide is related to the activation of AMPK. Many athletes know that ATP is synthesized by mitochondria as an energy source for chemical reactions at the cellular level. These processes do not use fats, glucose and fatty acids as energy sources, since they must be produced in the mitochondria to create ATP. When this substance is synthesized, its first derivative product is adenosine diphosphate (ADP). If the cell lacks other energy sources, then the next derivative is adenosine monophosphate (AMP).

Accumulation of AMP occurs only in those cases when the cell has no more energy. The body has a special system, through which the cell identifies the absence of an energy source by the level of AMP, after which AMPK is activated urgently.

This substance then starts the process of obtaining energy from fatty acids, by converting them into ATP and stimulating the work of other systems. From all written it can be concluded that, thanks to AMPK, activation of the cellular mechanism takes place at the moment when they lack energy sources. This can happen with high-intensity training or from a lack of calories.

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Dosages of the peptide

Now we should talk about those dosages of Boss Peptides, fat burning and stamina under which were increased. All these doses are valid for a person weighing about 90 kilograms.

At the moment, three studies on mice have been completed. In the first study, experimental animals had a tendency to diabetes and obesity. They were treated with the drug for five weeks daily in an amount of 500 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. The endurance of the subjects increased on average by 44%, and the expression of genes responsible for metabolic processes also increased. To a person, to achieve a similar result, you need to take about 3.2 grams per kilogram of body weight.

In a second study, mice were given a dose of 250 milligrams per kilogram of animal weight. An increase in insulin sensitivity, which lasted for 24 hours after application of the drug, was detected. The dose for a person would be the same 3.2 grams per kilogram.

In the last serious study, the dose was 150 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. Two groups of animals were used: inclined to obesity and thin. It was found that the peptide acted beneficially on obese animals, significantly improving their condition. In turn, in the body of lean mice, there have not been any significant changes. For humans, the equivalent dose to achieve this result is 1 gram per kilogram of body weight.

A few more less significant clinical studies were carried out, which confirmed the effectiveness of the use of the above dosages.

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Useful natural remedies for a sore throat

Every year he comes back to visit us and sometimes even more often. We are talking about a sore throat, one of our most frequent and annoying health enemies. It is mostly an inflammation of the pharynx or larynx, caused by a cold stroke or by the consequences of a febrile attack. In this period, it can also be induced by a bad use of air conditioners. Let’s know the natural remedies for a sore throat. (more…)

How to choose a gym perfectly with criteria?

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Secret of whiten your teeth at home

The 21st century dictates to women their conditions. If the nails, then certainly well-groomed, legs – on the heels, hair – hair to the hair. Only then is a woman considered a beauty. Although no. About the teeth of something forgotten. A smile must certainly be snow-white. And it does not matter to society that dentists are expensive now, and eventually free is always a problem. Do you want to impress others? Learn to watch yourself at home. That’s breaking the modern girl’s head on how to whiten your teeth at home and do your own manicure. And if there are practically no problems with the nails (know yourself, update the lacquer coating on time), then not everyone can whiten their teeth. Yes, and at home. Although it is quite easy to do this. You just need to know a few secrets.

Secret of whiten teeth

Simple tips on how to whiten your teeth at home

So, with the reasons for the yellowing of the teeth sorted out. Now go on to direct bleaching with activated charcoal powder. Just want to say that it’s fast and absolutely not difficult. All the auxiliary components for whitening can be found anywhere. So throw the fear aside and forward, to a snow-white smile.

Activated charcoal to whiten the teeth

Activated charcoal is a folk remedy and even our grandmothers used it for teeth whitening, but we will not force you to light a fire and burn logs. It is enough to get a pack of activated charcoal from the first-aid kit. Got it? Now rub several tablets into powder and gently distribute the black mixture over the surface of the teeth (the gums are not traditionally touched). However, do not expect coal to act quickly. Such bleaching works very well after repeated use. Do not forget that you can clean your teeth with activated charcoal more than once a week. You can also find activated charcoal toothpaste or you can add activated charcoal powder with your daily toothpaste. You can find this interesting method to use activated charcoal toothpaste here.

The advantages and disadvantages of the activated charcoal

Of course, as with any procedure, teeth whitening with activated charcoal has both pluses and minuses. After all, methods of bleaching at home are quite a lot – for example, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide. And if soda and peroxide, getting into the body, can seriously damage health, then activated charcoal (even accidentally swallowed during cleansing) does nothing but benefit. You can even just chew a tablet of coal and, as it were, wipe it between your teeth – the effect will be the same as the cooked gruel.

In addition, activated charcoal does not harm the gums. Soda, for example, can simply cause inflammation, and the same hydrogen peroxide is capable of provoking the formation of sores. So the only drawback when brushing teeth with charcoal is temporary gum blackening. To remove blackness, just 20 minutes after the procedure, you can drink a cup of water and at the same time rinse out the mouth cavity. Keep reading

We hope that our tips will help you not only whiten your teeth, but also improve your self-esteem a little. After all, in life, at times, treating yourself plays the most important role. Does the girl love herself? The whole world responds with reciprocity. And sometimes it happens that a woman is not sure of herself, she runs like a squirrel, on an eternal circle “work – home – homework”, and nothing pleases her. As a result, all the surrounding people begin to treat her accordingly. So think: maybe instead of teeth whitening, spend time reading books on psychology? Or go to some training? You can just do auto-training. The main thing is to love yourself.

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