How to deal with dentophobia

A fear of the dentist can come in many forms, some mild anxiety while others feel physically ill. Usually dental phobia sufferers are unable to pinpoint their fears to something specific but experience an all-round overwhelming fear of sitting in the dentist chair. Unfortunately, this means many people avoid visiting the dentist altogether, meaning their oral health suffers too. How can dentists help these patients?

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Thankfully, these days many dentists are trained to support, offer help, and advise patients who suffer from any form of fear of the dentists. One of the main methods employed is a range of techniques aimed to distract. These techniques are designed to assist dentists in finding ways to relax patients and to keep their mind off their anxiety.

Even though the sound of ‘distraction’ might make an anxious person think they are going to get tricked, distraction techniques are actually a proven and helpful tool for dentists. They are applied by many dentists to make treatment easier for especially nervous patients and children who are visiting the dentist for the first time.

There is no underhanded trickery involved, it could be that your dentist may offer you the chance to listen to some calming music through headphones which can block out the sounds that some patients hate hearing. If you have spoken to your dentist about your treatment, they will take things slowly for you, maybe offer you a calming drink and allow you to take your time.

The use of such techniques is not really about distraction but about creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for patients. Some dental practises really go the extra mile and offer massage and other related relaxation techniques. Contact a local practise today for General Dentistry Cardiff, visit

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Don’t avoid going to see your dentist but talk to him or her about your concerns. That way they will get to know you better and understand what techniques work and what don’t. The more a dentist gets to know you, the better they are able to treat you.

One of the biggest problems for patients who suffer from dental phobia is fear of the unexpected. Maybe in the past they have had treatment happen abruptly and unexpectedly, without warning. A good solution to this problem is to visit your dentist when treatment is not a priority. Find out if they see you for a simple consultation to discuss your worries and find out how they deal with treating nervous patients. Most dentists are happy to tailor their treatment to your needs.

In anxious patients, they tend to feel like they are not in control of the situation. Many people forget that when they visit their dentist, the dental experience can be shaped entirely to suit them.