History behind the glamorous drink on earth: Purple Drank

Purple drank” a wonder drink (also called by some other names such as sizzurp, drank, lean etc.) is a perfect seductive drink formula that mixes with cough syrup (must contain codeine and promethazine) with some another soft drink, such as Sprite or rum or vodka and some sweet candy (Jolly Rancher mostly). If you go back to look at the history of Purple drank, it was first introduced in Houston, the United States back in the 1960s. They called it with a nickname as the “City of Syrup.” That’s how the name Sizzurp came out.

Purple drank is widely mentioned and promoted in many of the popular hip-hop lyrics and is corresponding with the Houston-based local musical beats “chopped & screwed.” In the Houston, Texas the famous producer named DJ Screw has first introduced the drink and took responsibilities to popularize the mixer. He has mostly attributed the drink as a source of inspiration for the “chopped & screwed” style rap music. Originally, the key ingredient of sizzurp was cough syrup that has codeine and promethazine on it. The concoction has gained its initial popularity in Texas based hip-hop communities and as time goes it has spread to all other southern states. For the time being Purple Drank has presented as a recreational drink and getting so much popularity among the hip-hop community and now all over the world as a most glamorous drink.

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Its major ingredient is prescription-strength medication such as cough syrup that contains its desired component codeine and promethazine. They have got very active seductive substance. It will take you high; give you the relaxation and complete satisfaction. You will feel heaven on earth. Feel so much enjoyment with little money. Recently, the classic term has changed and expanded to cover the classic mixture with over-the-counter cough syrup and some other hard drinks.

Some of the most recognized terms for Purple Drank are Sizzurp, Purple Oil, Purple Sprite, Drank, Serbian Intestinal Scum Drizzank, Purple Tonic, Texas Tea, Purple Tonic, Memphis Mud, Purple Tonic, PG Tips, Tsikuni, Lean, Syrup, P-Flav, Derek’s Dookie Sauce, Slip, Surp, Bazzigazzulp, Purp and Southern Lean.

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