A Beginner’s Guide to Indian Cooking

If you enjoy ‘an Indian’ when out with your mates, you may have wondered about cooking it for yourself at home.

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Indian food may look and sound complicated, but really, once you know what you’re doing, it is simplicity itself. You’ll need very few ingredients to get started, and there’s no need for lots of unusual cooking implements and gadgets, either.

A Healthy Option

Popular with vegetarians, Indian food contains plenty of vegetables in amongst those pungent and aromatic spices, so it’s a healthy alternative to many Western dishes and great for all the family – contrary to popular opinion, it’s not all hot enough to blow your head off, either! Even the smallest kids will love the basic dishes.


Curry may be the first food which springs to mind when most people think of Indian food, but the reality is that the vast country has many different staple foods – and when you consider the India’s diverse history, this is hardly surprising.

Derived from a host of different cultures and countries, Indian food has elements of other cultures contained within its spicy heart. Persian, Arabian and Portuguese settlers have all had an influence, and you’ll find British elements there too, of course.

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According to The Spruce, the most popular ingredients include coriander, cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, chilies, turmeric, cloves, garam masala, aniseed and fennel. Rice is, of course, a staple, although Indian food leans towards bread as an accompaniment.

Where to Start?

Firstly, you should find out more about what Indian food usually consists of, what the main ingredients are, and how they are cooked.

A good place to discover this is through watching a few online food recipe videos, such as those available at http://food-tales.com/online-food-videos/. Actually seeing someone cooking a range of Indian dishes, at your own convenience, will allow you to get a grip on the basics of Indian cooking and what it involves – before even buying an ounce of rice!

Popular and easy dishes to make include biryani, butter chicken, mutter paneer – a curry made with peas and cottage cheese – samosas, chicken tikka and pulaos. There are dozens of others – why not go online and have a look at the many tasty dishes? You never know, you may well be inspired to head down to the supermarket and get started yourself.

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