How to Eat Like a Pro Footballer

Nutrition is a vital part of life for any sportsperson. Eating well gives you the right nutrients to perform well in your sport, so picking the right foods is a necessary part of keeping healthy and performing at optimum levels. Footballers use a lot of energy, so it is important to focus on diet to make sure you are getting the right sustenance.

How to Eat Like a Pro Footballer

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Pro footballers usually have a dietician working with them to ensure they eat the right things. There are certain foods that are great to eat before a match and during training which can give you the right amount of energy to perform well. You need to balance your carbs, proteins and fats with the right meals.

One Week Before Match Day

To eat like a pro footballer you have to research what the best players tend to eat. In the week before a big match it is a good idea to start carb-loading gradually. Reducing your carb intake at the start of the week makes your muscles increase their GLUT-4 receptors, which are their carb-absorbing parts. You can then give your muscles more carbs later in the week for maximum absorption.

Two to Three Days Before Match Day

When it gets to a couple of days before your match, start to increase your liquid intake. Soups are especially good for this, as they load up the liquid while also giving lots of nutrients from ingredients and spices. Eat spices such as turmeric and ginger, which help with oxygen circulation. It is also important to prepare your kit at this stage. Whether you have Nike football kits from stockists such as or another brand, making sure you have your gear washed and ready is an important part of psychological preparation and can give you a mental edge.

How to Eat Like a Pro Footballer2

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Just Before the Match

Your pre-match dinner the night before is very important. Eat fish or chicken with potatoes and vegetables, but nothing heavier. Big roast dinners are out, as are steaks, because they lie heavily on the stomach. On the day of the match itself avoid heavy foods for breakfast and opt instead for high-protein options such as eggs or milky porridge. For lunch aim for omelette or salmon and potatoes, and 90 minutes before the game eat an energy-rich snack, such as bananas and honey.

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