How to Plan a Unique Wedding

Many couples want to march to the beat of their own drum on their wedding day. Instead of having a traditional event with roses and white linens, it can be fun to host a unique celebration that is untraditional. When you want to have a wedding that stands out and impresses your guests, there are a few ways to plan a unique wedding that will be unforgettable.

Create a Theme

Your wedding can have a specific theme that allows the guests to participate and join in on the fun. Consider getting married on Halloween and requesting that your family members and friends show up in their best costume. You can pass out candy and play spooky music during the reception. You can also have a Disney themed event or a ’70s theme to have a party that will be unforgettable.

Get Married in a Unique Location

Instead of saying, “I do” in a chapel or a traditional venue, opt for marrying your spouse in a location that is one-of-a-kind. If you enjoy scuba diving, you can exchange vows under the sea and have the marine life be your guests. If you still want your wedding to be beautiful, consider destination weddings atlantic city NJ and host the ceremony by the water.

How to Plan a Unique Wedding

Make Upgraded Welcome Bags

You can thank your guests for traveling to your wedding with upgraded welcome bags that will allow your loved ones to feel appreciated. You can pack the bags with personalized totes or a gift certificate to a local coffee shop that they can use while visiting the city. Include plenty of snacks, sunscreen, and sunglasses if you plan to have the wedding outside.

Create a Childcare Area

Providing childcare for your guests will allow them to enjoy spending time at the wedding without chasing after their little ones. It will also allow your wedding to be more controlled without the chaos that can be created with kids present.

Create an area where the kids can color, watch a movie, and play board games with a babysitter present in an indoor setting. Stock the area with snacks and music to create an environment where they’ll stay busy and entertained until their parents are ready to head home.

Many weddings can look the same with the style and decor that is used. If you want to create a unique event that suits your personality, there are several features to include on your special day to ensure that you can celebrate your union

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