7 Reasons Why You gain Weight At Night And How To Avoid It

Yesterday you gave it all in the gym and you follow the diet strictly. You wake up, you put your foot on the scale thinking that you’re going to see the magic number that you’ve been waiting for so long and suddenly … you have gained some extra pounds. That little item you saw in the morning can ruin your whole day. It is practically impossible to gain a couple of pounds of fat in one night. You would have to take 10,500 extra calories in one day … That’s almost 20 burgers! That’s why it’s not advisable to weigh more than once a week. Do you still think you’ve actually climbed a few pounds during the night? We explained 7 reasons why this could happen and why those kilos will not stay for long.

gain Weight At Night

1. You have drunk too much water

If at night before bed, you drank for example 75cl of water (3 glasses), this is exactly 750 grams. If you drink more water than the body needs and you weight yourself when you have not “eliminated” it, it is normal for the scale to indicate a number higher than you expected.

2. You have given the gym too hard

If you lifted a lot of weights yesterday, you may feel a little disillusioned as you climb onto the scale. Why? Lifting weights can cause minor tears in muscle tissue. While these tissues try to repair, the muscle can retain extra fluid to aid in the process. Normally, this effect does not last for more than a day or two, but it’s worth it to see how you are gaining some strength!

gain Weight At Night

3. Did you eat the night before?

Junk food this reason is quite obvious, but also must be mentioned. If you ate a whole packet of chips or a pizza and drank a few more margaritas, you will experience a temporary weight gain while the body decides where to put it all. If you have nowhere to go, your body could store it in the fat reserve. But rest assured, a night of madness does not mean a permanent rise in weight. Get to work the next day and make those calories work.

4. Your sodium intake has been higher than normal

If your menu of the previous day contained a lot of sodium, the next day you may feel heavier. Sodium causes water retention. Foods such as frozen, soy sauce or processed meats contain lots of sodium. Drink a few glasses of extra water to help your system remove the excess sodium in your body. The weight taken by the water retention will not stay for long.

gain Weight At Night

5. Too much carbohydrate the day before

Food-with-hydrates Like breakfast cereal, a sandwich and pasta; you are likely to see a couple of grams or even extra kilos on the scale the next day. As with sodium, carbohydrates also cause fluid retention.

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If you want to get rid of that extra weight of water, stick to a low-carbohydrate diet the next day (lean meats and fresh vegetables) and the weight will disappear without you noticing.

6. You did not go to the bathroom properly

Girl, who does not go to the bathroom correctly in the previous day, can also take one or two extra pounds on the scale. Be sure to weigh yourself always in the same conditions before breakfast and after going to the bathroom.

gain Weight At Night

7. Pre-menstrual syndrome

Pre-Syndrome the hormones in our body also play an important role in our weight. Before menstruation, the body can also retain water which reflected on the scale as an increase in weight. The best way to counteract it is by drinking lots of water and eating healthy. Anyway, once menstruation happens, these symptoms will be disappeared. Too bad I cannot say the same thing about the weight we gain from eating tons of chocolate that week!

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