7 Mistakes That Stop You from Losing Weight

You may be trying to lose weight and you are wondering why you do not get it or why that abdominal groin is impossible to eliminate. When this happens a lot we look for the easy option and we think “it must be something that I do not found the right supplement to help me lose fat”. But before you go crazy and start blaming, I recommended you to review these aspects:

Weight loss

You drink alcohol on the weekend

Alcoholic beverages, besides not recommending anything for your health, add extra calories that do not provide you with any interesting nutrients. If you want to lose your weight and you are taking fat percentage with these extra calories in liquid form, and therefore little satiation will not help you.

The solution: You have to set a target consuming the alcohol, not only during the week but also if you go out on the weekend. Change the strongest alcoholic beverages for wine or beer and propose to make a reduction in half, at least if at the beginning you think too much elimination. If you want to finish convincing you I recommend you to leaving it totally for 2 weeks and see your evolution. Seeing the effects of having alcohol is enough to motivate you to stop consuming it.

You eat very fast

Eating too fast can cause your brain not to receive signals of the satiety hormones your stomach is sending in time, so you end up eating more than you count. Eating slowly can reduce your energy intake and make you feel more satiated when you finish. Also eating slowly influences the number of times we chew. By chewing we increase our level of satiety and therefore we reduce the calories that we ingest.

The solution: if you are accustomed to eating fast you should pay attention to your eating for a while until eating slower becomes automatic for you. Some tricks are to leave the fork on the table between bite and bite not to go to catch food when you are still chewing the previous bite. Other people get to eat slower using chopsticks. Yes, it sounds crazy! But it works because many of us do not have as much skill eating with chopsticks as with fork and it causes us to slow down unconsciously.

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Finally, check that your food is not too liquid. Maybe instead of a cream, you need to take a salad or sauteed vegetables or instead of the juice, to which you have removed all the fiber and does not fill you, you must take a piece of fruit.

Weight loss

Binge of the weekend

You behave like a little angel all week, but come the weekend and give free rein to all your wishes. According to a study published in 2003 in the Obesity Society, American adults consume 115 kcal/day more at weekends, especially through fat and alcohol. But the problem, above all, is those who surpass the average abysmal, those who go from white to black at the weekend. You feel identified? Do not worry why there is a solution.

The solution:  this usually happens because we are being too strict during the week. And the food bores us so much from Monday to Friday that from Friday night we give the starting shot towards the junk food. One solution can be to make your dishes of the week more attractive. The healthy diet is much more than eating salad and grilled chicken. If you still find it hard to contain binge eating on the weekend, here’s how you can avoid them.

Do not check the tags

You may trust what they put you in large print on the products they sell you at the supermarket, but I advise you to start looking at the fine print. As they want to sell you something light or as low as 0% fat or 0% sugars, you should know what you are buying. A dessert 0% fat is probably full of sugars and a light food can give us the impression of being low calorie so we sometimes eat more than we should really.

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The solution: it avoids to the maximum the products processed and it begins to eat food that does not carry wrappings. Fruits, vegetables, fresh meats or fish or vegetables do not usually bring many problems. And when you eat packaged learn to read and know what they are really selling you.

Weight loss

You do not eat enough vegetables

You may eat at your own pace and you may even know how to identify your hunger and satiety signals, but if you do not eat enough vegetables you will be consuming quite possibly more calories than you need. If you want to lose weight (or simply eat healthy) your diet should provide foods of low energy density and high nutritional density. That means foods that provide you with volume and nutrients of quality and not many calories. Is there anything better than vegetables or vegetables for it?

The solution: eat vegetables and seasonal vegetables and include them in all your meals and dinners as a main course. The recommendation is that veggies and hostesses should occupy more or less half of what you are eating. Learn new dishes based on vegetables and discover a delicious world beyond green beans with potatoes and steamed broccoli.

This occasional consumption is not so occasional

“Occasionally I have a beer”, “every now and then like some croissant”, “every now and then how some pizza”. If we add these “from time to time”, it is not that sometimes you do some transgression, but daily there is something in your diet that does not help you reach your goal. Sometimes it is difficult to realize because our brain is a specialist in omitting certain things not important to not saturate and surely no longer remember that you ate last Wednesday.

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The solution:  record for a week everything you eat and review it at the end of the week to detect the guidelines you should change. Simply pointing what we eat sometimes modifies our food and makes us more aware of what we are actually consuming so we end up eating better.

Weight loss

You are stressed or do not sleep enough

Chronic stress, sleep problems and the few hours that we spend on rest cause our hormones to be on the alert. The elevation of cortisol, the hormone of stress or the increase of the feelings of hunger (for the diminution of the leptin) can take us among other reasons to take weight or to prevent that we can lose it. In addition, both stress and not sleeping properly can be a danger not only for weight but for overall health.

The solution: look for methods to reduce or manage stress such as relaxation techniques, yoga or time management. As for the hours of sleep, allow yourself a few hours to go to sleep and decrease the activation by reducing the light at home and exposure to screens such as television or mobile one hour before going to sleep.

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