Do you need help to lose weight? Convince yourself that you eat well and you will

Do you need help to lose weight? Convince yourself that you eat well and you will. Losing weight is usually one of the typical purposes of the New Year list (do you remember it?). But as soon as the month pass, it becomes uphill and when you least expect it, summer comes again. However, one study argues that the problem that prevents us from achieving our goal is that we do not raise it well.

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Ask yourself before you eat:

The report in question, published in the journal Self & Identity, ensures that simply telling yourself that you eat well will cause you to end up doing it (no matter how strange it sounds). Come, we are before the power of conviction applied to one.

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A study took place for 124 women:

And now you wonder how they came to such a conclusion, right? For those responsible for the study were to select 124 women who were given information on the measurements of the portions they needed per day and asked them to write a diary in which they had to write down what they ate for six weeks. But then, these same women were divided into three groups: those of the former were given extra nutrition information; To the second, they were not given more information and the third was asked to write positive messages about healthy eating. As basic messages like: “I have a healthy diet” or” like fruit.”

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The study authors found that women who wrote the messages during the research process ate better and healthier than women in the other two groups. But there are more, those same women were more constant than the rest (which, they were more likely to abandon).

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Final advice:

And even the people who were part of the self-motivation group ate an extra serving of healthy food per day versus those of the other two groups. What do you expect, you have to believe it!

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