Benefits of Humidifier for Baby

With the arrival of winter, we must take certain precautions for our home, in order to maintain the ideal temperature and prevent the occurrence of certain health problems. All this makes more sense when there are children at home, especially if they are newborn babies. In this sense, accessories such as blankets, bags or thermo-hygrometers may not be enough.

Benefits of Humidifier

Benefits of Humidifier:

This time we focus on an element that brings us many benefits highly recommended taking care of our baby’s health. We talk about the humidifier, a simple device able to regulate the humidity of a complete room and make the air less aggressive to our airways. We must keep in mind that the humidity of a house must remain between 40% and 60%.

The humidifiers include a container where poured water, which is evaporated by different systems. In this way they help us maintain the proper atmosphere, increasing the humidity and thus, reducing the risk of respiratory infections and irritations in the throat. This is especially important in winter when we renew the air less frequently and increase the use of heating, which dries the environment.

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There are two types of humidifiers. The first of them is cold vapor that generally works by means of ultrasounds that evaporate the liquid. It produces a very smooth vapor, easy to breathe, and can be used all year round. It is better to use distilled water for some models, in order to avoid the appearance of infectious microorganisms, since it boils faster.

On the other hand, we found the humidifier of hot steam, more economical and suitable for non-distilled water. The disadvantage is that it raises the ambient temperature and the risks associated with using a device that works by heat.

Some humidifiers include ionizer which removes harmful microscopic particles from the air, keeping it cleaner. They are very advisable in case of asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases.

Benefits of Humidifier

What benefits does the humidifier bring?

Among the best benefits of using the humidifier we can name the following:

  • It can relieve asthma symptoms, allergies, and respiratory diseases. It prevents the dryness of the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat, and nose, as long as we make sure to maintain the right temperature because too high humidity levels can lead to mold growth.
  • Try to avoid the cracks in walls. Achieving adequate moisture helps us to avoid cracks in the paint on the walls and flaking on the paint and varnish of the furniture.
  • Reduce static electricity. With this, we avoid the annoying “sparks” that we suffer when touching some objects, especially fabrics of wool.
  • It will prevent dryness on skin, eyes, and lips. An environment too dry favors dermatological irritations such as dermatitis, eczema or desquamation. Children and older people are especially prone to this problem.

Benefits of Humidifier

Hence the use of an efficient humidifier is so important especially when we live with babies, as they can contract respiratory diseases more easily than adults.

We highlight Vicks among all of them, for being the most complete and effective. It is an intuitive essence humidifier that allows you to select the aroma that we want to diffuse (allows to use all kinds of essences on the market). It emits cold steam, with a capacity of autonomy over 12 hours, and the capacity of its tank is 1.5 liters, perfect for rooms up to 15 m². It has an adjustable nozzle that allows humidifying all the space in a homogeneous way, distributing the cold steam evenly throughout the room.

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In addition, your system will detect the lack of water and it will stop automatically if it is finished and turning on a warning light. Another great advantage is that it offers the possibility to activate or deactivate a soft blue light, which creates a relaxing atmosphere that ideal for the baby. Also, its minimalist and ergonomic design are comfortable and aesthetic.

Benefits of Humidifier

End up with:

Finally, we want to highlight a great idea on the part of Miniland Baby. It is a guide where we offer ideas to furnish and decorate the bedroom of the smallest of the house.

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