The dangers of the sun

Summer is a time of vacations and we all love to enjoy the good weather spending a lot of time outside. It’s a very positive time of the year because it makes us more active and keeps us disconnected from the usual stress and relax. But the heat of the sun also carries some risks that we must have to keep in mind to stay safe.

The dangers of the sun

The sun burns:

It is the most common drawback of sun exposure. Not all people have the same sensitivity to the sun, but they all can be burned without adequate protection. To avoid such burns we have to protect ourselves from direct exposure to the sun by being in the shade when we stay outside for long. We can do that by wearing proper clothing, hat and also we can use some sunscreen to protect our skin.

By the way, here is an interesting matter to explain on how effectively a sun protection cream can protect our skins. For example, if a person can stay 5 minutes in the sun without protection and suffering damage, he can increase the time to 150 minutes (5×30) if he uses an index cream 30. But the reality is different. The misuse of the creams could make the effects much less durable.

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In practice, the recommendation for sunbathing is between 11 am and 4 pm (time of day when the sun is strongest), and to become index protector 50 when the summer sun is intense, and 30 when it is somewhat less intense. After a burn, you must have to hydrate yourself abundantly and you can apply some specific moisturizing creams in the affected areas.

The dangers of the sun

Long-term effects on the skin:

Overexposure to the sun has long-term negative effects including the aging premature, through the flab, the spots and unfortunately, in some cases skin cancer. The neck, face, arms and hands are the most exposed places where it has a greater chance of developing skin cancer, but incidences in other parts of the body are also frequent. To prevent cancer it is essential to closely monitor the appearance of moles and consult with the doctor in case of doubt. For these long-term effects, it is important to be very careful and protect yourself from the sun, not only in summer but all year round.

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In summer the intensity of the radiation is much stronger which encourages us more to prudence (for fear of burns) but do not worry about the rest of the year.

Dangerous effects on sight:

Besides damaging the skin, it can also damage the eyesight. The ultraviolet rays can attack the eyelids, corneas, retinas or the lens of the eye. We can use a good pair of sunglasses with UV protection. Some glasses sold as summer accessories but they do not have a sufficient filter and using them can lead to eye damage.

The dangers of the sun

Other risks of sun and heat:

In summer it is essential to hydrate our body a lot. Children and the elderly are the two groups mostly stay at the risk of dehydration or heat stroke. To be honest, anyone can be a victim of this type of Heat stroke and become deadly in a significant proportion of cases. That is why it is so important to protect yourself from the sun by looking for shade and drinking lots of water.

Ending tips:

The sun is also incompatible with a fairly long list of medications that have photosensitizing effects. That is why it is important to consult with the doctor before taking any medicine if the medicines are incompatible with sun exposure and what the possible risks are. If you take one of these medicines, you need to redouble your protection and take good care of the body.

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