Nutrition trends for 2017

It is increasingly common to see lists of nutritional trends (food trends) at the end or beginning of the year. No one can predict exactly what will bring us this New Year, but the truth is that in the world of food, there are trends that we follow each year. I do not consider myself as an expert in trend analysis, but I spend the days literally reading about nutrition issues, so I may have some ideas to share about this. 

These are the predictions of a dietitian – nutritionist addicted to reading about it on nutritional trend 2017:

Nutrition trends

1.Flexitarian diet

Flexitarian diet comes from vegetarian and flexible diet. We may call it a diet that is based on consumption of fruits and vegetables, which enhances the vegetable protein from legumes, cereals or nuts; also includes eggs, dairy products, and fish, and meat consumption is reduced or eliminated. This type of diet is becoming more and more popular in the world.

 I have seen some critical comments from vegetarians or vegans to this type of food, saying that it is not enough. If you are one of those who thinks so, I recommend you to reconsidering it. This can be the first step for many people on a vegetarian or vegan diet by realizing that it is not as complicated as they think and the consumption of animal protein will end up being much smaller.

Nutrition trends

2.Take care of your microbiota

For years we have been talking about the microbiota, the set of microorganisms that live in our gut. This has always been related to our intestinal health, but in recent years it has been seen that it can also be much related to our general health and many other diseases. That is why, increasingly, all those foods that can help improve their condition are growing.

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You will hear more and more about probiotics, fermentable and non-fermentable fiber, mucilage, starch resistant … Do not sound strange?

Nutrition trends

3. Fermented food and drink

The importance of fermented foods is increasing. These fermented foods help improve your microbiota, improve the absorption of certain nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and aid digestion. You are already taking them into your diet.

Nutrition trends

4. Poke

No, this has nothing to do with the famous Pokemon Go. The Poke, which is beginning to invade the profiles of Instagram and Pinterest boards, is a traditional Hawaiian dish made of rice, vegetables, and raw fish served in a bowl. They are delicious, light and healthy. A perfect dish for all those who take the tupper every day. Find recipes and start enjoying!

Nutrition trends

5. Less waste

After the success of documentaries like Just Eat It, where a couple spends one-year eating food destined to go away, it is clear that awareness of food waste is here to stay. It is estimated that one-third of the food produced is wasted. In which we should have much to contribute. The industry is partly responsible, but household waste is at the top. We might take a look on the net to get the tips on how to store food or how to reuse our leftovers.

Nutrition trends

6. Sustainability

Surely during 2016, you’ve heard thousands of times that you have to consume seasonal products and closeness. In 2017 we will continue repeating it until we are more than clear. We look for a way to feed more respectful of the environment that does not involve food that has undergone long journeys in cold storage. Begins to search for the word Origin and discover where they bring food.

Nutrition trends

7. Vegetable spirals or fake pasta

If you’ve seen the delicious spaghetti zucchini or squash the net is that you do not follow many Instagrams foodies. Many treat them as substitutes for pasta. I like to see them as a new and different way of eating vegetables. They are delicious and quick to prepare.

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In some places are already being sold directly made in supermarkets but do not be lazy and save yourself some money. It does not take more than 5 minutes to prepare them.Nutrition trends

8. Healthy chips

Now we can see much healthier chips in the net. They will continue to boil usually mixed with sauces based on avocado or yogurt. We can be cooked as homemade chips from dehydrated vegetables that can serve as snacks in the middle of the morning or mid-afternoon. A much healthier one than you can find on your office machines.

Nutrition trends

9. Turmeric

If there is a spice that can be discussed in 2017 will be turmeric. This spice powder also known as Indian saffron is already booming in the net. It’s possible anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties attributed to its phenolic compounds. Unfortunately, the reality is its active compounds that are poorly bioavailable and it is very good to include it in your dishes, it is not the miracle that some think it is.Nutrition trends

10. Breakfast reinvented

If you are one of those still eating breakfast toast with jam or turkey every morning, you do not know what you’re missing. Breakfast has about 53 million results in Instagram and gives us a great variety of dishes based on eggs, oat pancakes, and fruits.

Nutritional trends:

The 10 nutritional trends that I envision for this 2017, is nothing extra. These and other nutritional trends such as sugarless, nut butter, pasta prepared from quinoa, beans, and many others, will be on our computers and in all the magazines. Unfortunately, we will also see other less healthy fashion how unbalanced diets that promise to be magical, supplements that promise off those extra kilos. To avoid falling into them, look well at the sources you care about and ensure that no supplement, restrictive diet is more important than what you actually eat in your daily base.


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