Five tips to fulfill your New Year’s resolutions

It does not make sense to make an endless list of things you want to do this 2017 if, in the end, you manage to meet just a couple or none.

The success of pursuing your goals starts from the way you put them. These tips will help you get started on the right foot:

1. Realistic goals. Your purposes should be things that depend only on you and that you can achieve according to your time and resources. Impossible goals will only frustrate you.

2. Measurable goals. “Eating healthier”, “losing weight”, “getting more exercise” is not clear goals. Change them for more concrete things you can evaluate, such as “eat at least two servings of fruit a day”, “reduce 10 pounds” or “run three times a week”.

Eating healthier in 2017

3. The easiest first. If you have several goals, start with the one that you think is easier to achieve and increase by the degree of difficulty. Go one by one and do not try to do many things at a time. That will help keep you inspired to follow.

4. Do not give up! If your goal was simple a long time ago you would have achieved it. Sure you will be presented obstacles, but do not let that discourage you to fulfill what you want.

5. Reward your successes. Once you have achieved some of your goals, reward yourself with something you like. That will help you to see that working hard for what you want does work and will keep you motivated. More reviews on

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