Shaving with traditional razor

Razors with disposable blades are very manageable and the new ergonomic designs allow arriving at the most difficult angles of the face to do a quick shave.

Use a traditional razor to get a perfect shave and always change them every two or three shaves to ensure a good result.

Skin care

Shaving with traditional razor

It is always better to shave after the shower, because with the action of hot water we will have opened pores and cleaned skin, and facial hair will also become more soften.

If you are not going to shave after the shower, then wash your face with a facial product that suits your skin using the hot water, it will remove excess fat, blackheads, and Dead skin, and make your shave much easier.

The next step is to apply the shaving product that best suits your skin. There are specific ones in the market for sensitive skins that will soften the hair, prepare the skin better so that it does not irritate, some other products are also more emollients and perfect for beards with hard and thick hair and dry skin. Foams and gels are formulated to prevent Allergic reactions, etc.

The reason for using the product is applied with circular movements by massaging the areas to shave and is allowed it to act for a couple of minutes to perform its functions: soothe the skin, open the pores and soften the hair to facilitate sliding of the blade.Skin care


Foams.  Foams are quite comfortable because it is very smooth and easy to apply, in general, it is enough for one shave the size of a big walnut. Do not form too thick accumulations of foam to better control the scope of the razor over the face.

Gels. Gels are also applied like foams, but the difference is that the gels provide a greater sensation of freshness. It is also not appropriate to go with the amount as the blades can saturate and cannot cut the hair well when there is an excess product.

Creams. They are more unctuous and thick, as a result, they make sliding a little slower and shaving might take a little longer.

Oils.  It is mostly advisable for sensitive skins and thanks to its emollient properties that are used in very little quantity but the texture will do the shave quite easily as it is very oily. Some barbers also apply oils before the shaving cream as they contribute to softening the hair and, at the same time form a protective film on the skin.

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The latest generation hand-held scissors are designed to be passed only once on the skin, but practice shows us and some experts also advise that it is good to pass twice. Ensure to do that in the direction of hair growth, first don’t press it too hard and the second you could do little faster.

Regarding the order of shaving, you should start with the cheeks and continue on the sides of the face and neck. After that go to more difficult areas and leave the lips to the end.

Remember that it is very important not to move the blades against the growth of the hair because it will increase the chances of producing irritations in the skin and to be more is it can become infected.Skin care

Finish with aftershave

A good shave should finish by removing the excess stuff from the face with cold water, later drying the face by giving gentle touches with a towel and applying the appropriate aftershave and moisturizer.

According to Men’s Health’s annual survey of male personal care habits, 73% of men use aftershave lotion and let’s see what the functions of these products are:

Antiseptic and healing.  Prevent infections when there are small cuts and accelerates their healing process.

Pain relieving. It protects the skin from irritation.

Moisturizing. The new formula has the emollient elements that combat tightness and dryness.

With alcohol or without alcohol?

You will find a lot of new aftershaves that made without alcohol. The classic aftershave lotions were made with alcohol to prevent possible infections of the usual small cuts and had perfume for freshness and also could repair and tone the face. But alcohol also leaves some bad marks in the face, so many companies avoid this from formulations, except those designed for skins with the fat tendency, which tolerate well. Keep in mind sensitive, dry and allergic skin responds much better to aftershave products without alcohol.Skin care

It always has been the best option for men to do the shave in a traditional way and using the razor give them the best satisfaction for doing that in an old traditional way. Besides there are a bunch of the products you could easily buy from market to protect your skin so you don’t have to worry about your skin and enjoy your every day shave. More reviews on


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