How to deal with dentophobia

A fear of the dentist can come in many forms, some mild anxiety while others feel physically ill. Usually dental phobia sufferers are unable to pinpoint their fears to something specific but experience an all-round overwhelming fear of sitting in the dentist chair. Unfortunately, this means many people avoid visiting the dentist altogether, meaning their oral health suffers too. How can dentists help these patients?

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Thankfully, these days many dentists are trained to support, offer help, and advise patients who suffer from any form of fear of the dentists. One of the main methods employed is a range of techniques aimed to distract. These techniques are designed to assist dentists in finding ways to relax patients and to keep their mind off their anxiety.

Even though the sound of ‘distraction’ might make an anxious person think they are going to get tricked, distraction techniques are actually a proven and helpful tool for dentists. They are applied by many dentists to make treatment easier for especially nervous patients and children who are visiting the dentist for the first time.

There is no underhanded trickery involved, it could be that your dentist may offer you the chance to listen to some calming music through headphones which can block out the sounds that some patients hate hearing. If you have spoken to your dentist about your treatment, they will take things slowly for you, maybe offer you a calming drink and allow you to take your time.

The use of such techniques is not really about distraction but about creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for patients. Some dental practises really go the extra mile and offer massage and other related relaxation techniques. Contact a local practise today for General Dentistry Cardiff, visit

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Don’t avoid going to see your dentist but talk to him or her about your concerns. That way they will get to know you better and understand what techniques work and what don’t. The more a dentist gets to know you, the better they are able to treat you.

One of the biggest problems for patients who suffer from dental phobia is fear of the unexpected. Maybe in the past they have had treatment happen abruptly and unexpectedly, without warning. A good solution to this problem is to visit your dentist when treatment is not a priority. Find out if they see you for a simple consultation to discuss your worries and find out how they deal with treating nervous patients. Most dentists are happy to tailor their treatment to your needs.

In anxious patients, they tend to feel like they are not in control of the situation. Many people forget that when they visit their dentist, the dental experience can be shaped entirely to suit them.

What Exactly Is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling has been growing in popularity with those in “natural” circles for some time now as a viable method to cleanse the mouth, reduce plaque and preserve overall oral hygiene. Using a generous spoonful of coconut or sesame oil, patients are encouraged to gently swish the oil in their mouth for 20 minutes a day to get the desired results. After this, the oil is spat out and discarded in a refuse bin to prevent sinks from clogging up. Oil pulling is best practised before eating or drinking anything in the morning and is followed by a thorough rinse of the mouth with warm water and a gentle brushing of the teeth.

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The world’s Oldest Natural Mouth Wash?

While coconut oil is well known for its antimicrobial properties, there aren’t enough scientific and clinical findings available to validate the efficacy of oil pulling. The practice is seen as controversial and comes with a fair amount of scepticism . Dr. Amala Guha, founding president of the International Society for Ayurveda and Health, does recommends the practice, however, which is believed to be thousands of years old. It’s a ‘natural mouthwash’ originally rooted in Ayurvedic medicine from India. It is believed to have been practised to help strengthen patients’ teeth by preventing dental decay, whitening teeth and reversing oral diseases such as gingivitis, as well as having other skin and body detoxifying benefits. If the correct cleansing protocol is not carefully observed, patients are susceptible to negative side affects like dry mouth, muscle stiffness in the jaws and even loss or sensation in the mouth.

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Testimonials from patients following the practice for just two weeks say they appear to have smoother and more polished teeth. What is consistently difficult for those experimenting with this method of oral cleansing is the 20-minute time commitment required daily, which for some is simply undesirable and unsustainable.

Many practices specialising in general dentistry in Leicester, such as sjrdental, do not typically include oil pulling in their portfolio of services. While few practices would formally endorse oil pulling, some practitioners do view it as an effective and natural alternative to mouthwash.

Traditional methods of oral care such as daily brushing and flossing of teeth complemented by regular dental check-ups are still recommended to maintain excellent oral health.

5 more skills that home carers need

Being a home carer isn’t an easy job and it’s not for everyone. At the end of the day, you’re in charge of someone else’s life and wellbeing. Your clients are likely to be in a vulnerable group, of either children or adults, and these may be people that have very little support from anyone else, so the responsibility is on your shoulders. So, what are 5 skills that a home carer should possess?

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A cheery manner

A lot of the people in your care will have days where they feel very alone and very depressed and you may be the only person they see that day, so it’s essential that you come in with a smile on your face, as that instantly lifts their mood. A good sense of humour is another key skill as having a laugh with someone not only brightens their day, but your day too.

A caring, patient attitude and a Basic DBS.

As you will be working with a variety of people with all sorts of mental and physical health problems, it’s essential that you can be caring and patient. If you decide to go into care for the elderly, then you’re likely to have clients with dementia as well as a variety of physical health problems.

You will need a DBS check in order to work in home care, from a provider like This check ensures that you do not have any criminal convictions, and that there is no other reason why you cannot work with vulnerable people.

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An ability to do several things at once

Carers have to be switched on and able to deal with several things at once, as you will be expected to chat to a client and fill in their care plan simultaneously. Also, if an accident such as a fall occurs, you will need to reassure your client and pass on any medical information required by a doctor or paramedic.

An ability to think fast on the spot

The best way to prevent a problem is quick thinking. This can also save a life. For more information on becoming a carer, you could visit

The ability to be a good timekeeper

You will be expected to be in certain places at certain times, so punctuality is critical.


Insomnia- What to Do When you Cannot Sleep?

Also called sleeplessness, insomnia is a sleep disorder that troubles thousands of people all around the world. Not only do people have difficulty in falling asleep, even when they have the opportunity to do so, but they also find it difficult to stay asleep if they do manage to sleep. Without a full night’s sleep, you are not going to feel good throughout the day. Even a daytime nap cannot provide you with the energy you need. It continues to happen day after day and it eventually takes a toll on your health and work performances, which can have serious consequences for your future.

There are plenty of treatment options you can find for dealing with insomnia. A healthy diet and good sleeping habits can fix the problem effectively. In some cases, medications and behavioral cognitive therapy may be needed. The course of treatment can be decided when you know the underlying cause or medical condition contributing to the insomnia. When these conditions or issues are resolved, your sleeping pattern will return to normal. The most common treatment options at your disposal are:

EL-SER 3 study method

Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes, your daily activities, diet and routine may lead to insomnia and the best way to counter it is to make healthy lifestyle changes such as:

  • Only go to your bedroom for sex and sleep. Activities that can stimulate your brain such as eating, reading or watching TV should be kept outside.
  • Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time on a daily basis to train your mind.
  • Immediately go to bed when you feel tired. Fighting sleep may just drive it away.
  • Reduce the worries and stress in life that may be interfering with your sleep because your mind won’t quit.
  • Cut down smoking and drinking coffee because they are stimulants and make it harder for you to fall asleep.
  • Don’t eat foods that are high in saturated fats, especially at dinner, because they are difficult to digest and make sleeping difficult. Also, incorporate exercise in your routine.

Behavioral Therapies

These treatments are aimed at making your bedroom environment more conducive to sleep. They can be quite effective, especially the ones outlined below:

  • Relaxation techniques including breathing exercises, muscle relaxation and biofeedback.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy is aimed at changing your pattern of thinking to give you a more positive mindset so you can sleep better.
  • Sleep restriction involves cutting down the time spent in bed thereby causing partial sleep deprivation to make you tired more the next night, which makes you fall asleep quickly.


These are generally a short-term solution during which your lifestyle changes and behavioral therapies can take effect. Medications for sleeping should not be taken for more than a few weeks. Some of the common options used include Trazodone (Desyrel), which is an antidepressant, Ramelteon (Rozerem), which impacts the melatonin receptor in the brain, and Etizolam, which belongs to the benzodiazepine class of medicines and can alleviate anxiety and insomnia effectively.

Social Anxiety Disorder and Marijuana Addiction: The Risks of Using Weeds for Social Phobia

People with social phobia are seven times more likely to be addicted to cannabis than the general population. Should you still consider medical marijuana to relieve your symptoms of social anxiety disorder? Medical marijuana has increased in popularity lately; some countries now have medical cannabis programs. With marijuana considered useful for people with broad medical conditions, from cancer to HIV and from multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s to mental disorders, it is no wonder that people who were diagnosed with social anxiety disorder might consider it as well. Cannabis has the reputation of allowing you to relax and improve your mood, after all. (more…)

Reasons That Gift Baskets Make Good Presents

Do you have a close friend or a family member who will be having a birthday in a few weeks? If this is the case, you will need to start thinking about the gift that you will buy. You might have bought this person many gifts in the past. Therefore, you do not want to be repetitive. It can sometimes be hard to come up with an original gift idea for a person you have known for most of your life. However, people appreciate gifts that are not simply items you grabbed off the shelf of your local drug store at the last minute. You might have not considered giving your friend or family member a gift basket on his or her birthday. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why a gift basket will make a terrific gift for that very special person in your life.

1. You can buy custom gift baskets that contain things that you already know the recipient will like.

Will you be buying the gift basket for a person who loves the taste of chocolate? You are in luck because there are many gift baskets to choose from with every type of chocolate imaginable. You might be shopping for a person who loves stuffed animals. There are also gift baskets that have a nice assortment of plush animals to delight the person you are buying them for. There is a massive selection of gift baskets available that will satisfy a wide variety of tastes. Some retailers will fill the gift basket according to your specific requests. This is always nice if you are buying a gift basket for someone who has tastes that are very unusual and not mainstream.

2. A gift basket is something the person you are buying if for will probably not suspect.

Ideally, you want to choose a gift that is going to surprise the recipient. You want to see his or her eyes light up when you present the gift. That is one of the fun things about buying a gift for someone who is very special to you. There is a good chance that your friend or family member has never received a gift basket. This will make your gift even more special than it otherwise would be. People like to get new things as presents that they have never received before. It is safe to say that your loved one will not be able to predict that you will be buying a gift basket as a present.

3. Gift baskets are easy to find because there are many stores that sell them.

You might be in search of a store that sells Calgary gift baskets. If so, you will not have any trouble finding stores that sell exactly what you are looking for. The gift basket industry has exploded during the past decade. There are now more stores that sell gift baskets than ever before. This also means there is a wider selection of gift baskets to choose from than you would ever be able to find previously. Therefore, you should not have any trouble finding the perfect gift basket for the person you are shopping for.

4. Gift baskets are an affordable option for people who are shopping on a budget.

Another reason gift baskets will make a good present is the fact that they will not make you go broke. You might have a very limited amount of cash that you will be able to spend on your friend or family member’s gift. You are in luck because a gift basket will not cost you an arm and a leg. On the contrary, there are many affordably priced gift baskets for you to choose from. The prices of gift baskets will obviously vary depending on what is inside of them. However, the price range of gift baskets is very large. This means that you should have no trouble finding one that fits into your particular budget. There are also stores that have sales on gift baskets occasionally. You should take the time to explore various online retailers to find out where you will be able to get a big bargain.

A Beginner’s Guide to Indian Cooking

If you enjoy ‘an Indian’ when out with your mates, you may have wondered about cooking it for yourself at home.

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Indian food may look and sound complicated, but really, once you know what you’re doing, it is simplicity itself. You’ll need very few ingredients to get started, and there’s no need for lots of unusual cooking implements and gadgets, either.

A Healthy Option

Popular with vegetarians, Indian food contains plenty of vegetables in amongst those pungent and aromatic spices, so it’s a healthy alternative to many Western dishes and great for all the family – contrary to popular opinion, it’s not all hot enough to blow your head off, either! Even the smallest kids will love the basic dishes.


Curry may be the first food which springs to mind when most people think of Indian food, but the reality is that the vast country has many different staple foods – and when you consider the India’s diverse history, this is hardly surprising.

Derived from a host of different cultures and countries, Indian food has elements of other cultures contained within its spicy heart. Persian, Arabian and Portuguese settlers have all had an influence, and you’ll find British elements there too, of course.

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According to The Spruce, the most popular ingredients include coriander, cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, chilies, turmeric, cloves, garam masala, aniseed and fennel. Rice is, of course, a staple, although Indian food leans towards bread as an accompaniment.

Where to Start?

Firstly, you should find out more about what Indian food usually consists of, what the main ingredients are, and how they are cooked.

A good place to discover this is through watching a few online food recipe videos, such as those available at Actually seeing someone cooking a range of Indian dishes, at your own convenience, will allow you to get a grip on the basics of Indian cooking and what it involves – before even buying an ounce of rice!

Popular and easy dishes to make include biryani, butter chicken, mutter paneer – a curry made with peas and cottage cheese – samosas, chicken tikka and pulaos. There are dozens of others – why not go online and have a look at the many tasty dishes? You never know, you may well be inspired to head down to the supermarket and get started yourself.

History behind the glamorous drink on earth: Purple Drank

Purple drank” a wonder drink (also called by some other names such as sizzurp, drank, lean etc.) is a perfect seductive drink formula that mixes with cough syrup (must contain codeine and promethazine) with some another soft drink, such as Sprite or rum or vodka and some sweet candy (Jolly Rancher mostly). If you go back to look at the history of Purple drank, it was first introduced in Houston, the United States back in the 1960s. They called it with a nickname as the “City of Syrup.” That’s how the name Sizzurp came out.

Purple drank is widely mentioned and promoted in many of the popular hip-hop lyrics and is corresponding with the Houston-based local musical beats “chopped & screwed.” In the Houston, Texas the famous producer named DJ Screw has first introduced the drink and took responsibilities to popularize the mixer. He has mostly attributed the drink as a source of inspiration for the “chopped & screwed” style rap music. Originally, the key ingredient of sizzurp was cough syrup that has codeine and promethazine on it. The concoction has gained its initial popularity in Texas based hip-hop communities and as time goes it has spread to all other southern states. For the time being Purple Drank has presented as a recreational drink and getting so much popularity among the hip-hop community and now all over the world as a most glamorous drink.

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Its major ingredient is prescription-strength medication such as cough syrup that contains its desired component codeine and promethazine. They have got very active seductive substance. It will take you high; give you the relaxation and complete satisfaction. You will feel heaven on earth. Feel so much enjoyment with little money. Recently, the classic term has changed and expanded to cover the classic mixture with over-the-counter cough syrup and some other hard drinks.

Some of the most recognized terms for Purple Drank are Sizzurp, Purple Oil, Purple Sprite, Drank, Serbian Intestinal Scum Drizzank, Purple Tonic, Texas Tea, Purple Tonic, Memphis Mud, Purple Tonic, PG Tips, Tsikuni, Lean, Syrup, P-Flav, Derek’s Dookie Sauce, Slip, Surp, Bazzigazzulp, Purp and Southern Lean.

The EL-SER 3 study method

The EL-SER 3 method is a method of study that is divided into 7 steps or methods, very useful to study as a technique. Find out what it is. As we discussed in an earlier article explaining what the Robinson method (and also known as the EPL2R method) is, there is no doubt that the different methods of study become especially useful and helpful resources For the majority of the students, thanks to that they offer adequate study techniques to improve not only the study process, but above all the results that are obtained later. (more…)

What causes oily skin?

If you are plagued by oily skin you might want to get to the bottom of it by finding out what is causing the condition. Here are a few possible reasons:

What causes oily skin

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Genetic disposition

Oily skin is something that can be passed on from generation to generation. Large sebaceous glands can produce excess oil and if it is in your family, it might be the reason why you are having the same difficulties.

What causes oily skin 2

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There are certain times that our hormones fluctuate quite drastically. Increased levels of hormones can also be triggered by stress and illness. During this time we have increased sebum production. That is why one often struggles with oily skin during puberty, pregnancy and menstruation and it can even affect older people going through menopause. Certain medication such as oral contraceptives and the use of steroids can also affect hormone levels.


Be certain to apply the right type of cosmetic product for your skin type. For this purpose, you only want to be using it if it is oil-free and noncomedogenic. This means that it won’t block your pores. There are so many products available but be certain to invest in high-quality product such as those available from places like

Dietary reasons

Sweet, processed foods are tempting but they are bad for your complexion. You cannot go wrong with healthy fresh fruit and vegetables on the menu as you will find out at Often, your skin ends up paying the price for bad dietary choices. Also, don’t forget to drink loads of water. Your skin cells benefit from sufficient hydration.

Over washing

The use of gentle skincare products like Vichy Normaderm Anti-Blemish Hydrating Care are essential. Harsh scrubbing and cleansing will cause your skin to overproduce oil in order to protect itself.

Environmental reasons

Hot humid weather is most certainly going to make your skin secrete more sebum, but the opposite isn’t necessarily the result of cold weather. One would think that your skin would be less oily. However, if the skin dries out due to cold weather, your oil glands might overproduce oil to compensate for the dryness.

Although certain causes of oily skin are beyond your control, a healthy diet, sufficient hydration and an active lifestyle will help you on your way to balancing your skin.