Hormones in Exercise

Hormones are a group of substances that will stimulate, depending on the case, some function of our body, such as the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, body temperature, sexual functions, etc. Hormones can increase or decrease any of these functions but always being very specific taking control by concentration or hormonal levels in the body as well as the sleep-wake cycle to give some examples.

By making clear the above we can note that keeping the function of our hormones in order is vital for our body to function, it is as if we wanted to ride in a car but the gas pump or the steering would not work in a good way.

Would you be afraid to meet such a driver on the street?

Now let’s take that example and see if we can find someone who exercises during the week and the weekend practically does not sleep and goes partying accompanying this of a very long fast and wonder why he does not see results, it is as if we ask why The driver of the previous example crashed.

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Imagine our body as an orchestra master who leads the way on the action of different hormones, must balance the anabolic hormones (dedicated to creating) and catabolic (dedicated to destroying and recycle). The balance between these conditions is what will lead us to achieve results, I will explain these functions separately but we must be clear that just as in an orchestra there is more than one instrument, the hormones are working at the same time and the combination is Which will lead to success or failure.


Growth hormone is a great example of this function, as the name says it is the hormone that ensures that the cousin or nephew that you did not see for several years to become a giant and now ask if you are younger, This hormone works throughout the day in the form of pulses and their highest levels are found just after sleep, for someone who seeks to grow their muscles is very important the rest so that this hormone can do its functions.

In another part we have to insulin that if it works properly is like giving a master key to the nutrients we ingest so that these can enter the cells and be used; Whether proteins, fats or carbohydrates, as we know a wall is not only made of concrete just as our muscles are not just protein.

The sex hormones are very similar be they male or female although its function and its concentration is different, we must take into account that very little man or woman who is the person also has hormones of the other gender in the body and this does not mean that we all live Enclosed in the closet or something like that, our sexual organs and adrenal glands produce these types of hormones and its usefulness is to generate secondary sexual characters as well as libido, fertility, etc. This group of hormones is the ones that are most frequently related to exercise, especially the male ones.

Thyroid hormones are responsible for many functions since they are the main regulators of metabolism and to carry out an adequate cardiovascular, skeletal muscle, hematopoietic, etc. In other words, it is what lends weight to our metabolic clock.


The main representative of this group is the cortisol that is produced in the adrenal glands, this hormone although for some it is a nuisance to reach its objectives is the one that has led us to survive as a species, what I mean is that this hormone seeks Maintain a balance and sometimes when the body needs energy in situations of emergency or stress is the one that will facilitate it.

We have a myriad of catabolic functions in the body as a clear example of the entire process from the time we ingest a food until it is in our blood because we do not have bits of steak from the food circulating around.

There are different substances called Amines that are also responsible for regulating catabolic function by stimulating cortisol.


The proper functioning of hormones are what will allow us to meet 100% in our sports activities and achieve our goals but just as we take care of our vehicles or computers so that all their accessories and functions work as it should be, in the same way, We have to do with our body.

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