The Best Guide to Your Health is in Your Body

They told me that I had to eat everything to grow healthy and strong.

That I had to shelter when it was cold so I did not catch cold.

It will not take much sun on the beach to not burn.

That I would not bathe until it was two hours after I had eaten.

Now tell us that you take such a thing to sleep better.

You take the pills on shift to have more energy during the day and be happy.

That you use this other product for your intestinal tract and so when you do well, you will.

And so a long etcetera.

What do they tell us and what do they not tell us?

What they tell us is that if something happens to you, look for an alternative out there.

Why ask about the source of that uneasiness, restlessness, anguish, disease?

It seems to me more reasonable to think that if our body reacts in a certain way (continuous headaches, intestinal tract problems, chest tightness and anguish, backaches, tachycardias, insomnia …) is something.

In both cases the health is seen from a physical and external perspective, as if nothing of our own body was dependent but the solution is outside, you can do almost nothing.

So do not ask yourself anything, because you have no answer.


Where are your mind, your feelings and your emotions?

Are not they part of you? Have they nothing to do with your suffering?

On many occasions there are people who come to talks or workshops that I do and they tell me that they have anxiety and are taking anxiolytics. Simply, that is the solution to your problem.Everything is in the hands of that pill.


Do you think a pill will change your perception of life? Will a pill change your habits?

Because of that, what are your beliefs about life and about yourself, what are their values, how you perceive reality and how you react to it. Surely in a way that does not bring you happiness.

If our body complains, if our mind is blocked, if we feel anguish, sadness, anger or fear, why do not we listen?

Maybe it is easier to self deceive thinking that a pill will relieve us, it will help us, solve life.

A herbal, some pills, a massage, some electrodes, a special bandages. All these remedies can alleviate but not solve.

However, as in Classical Greece they said it “mens sana in corpore sano” although the sense they gave him was the need to pray to have a balanced spirit in a balanced body.

Spiritual balance and physical balance.

When do we forget that part of us?

If we want to be healthy, if we want to be healthy in the full extent of the word, we will have to look at it from another angle.

According to the definition given by the WHO “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not only the absence of affections or diseases”.

Complete physical, mental and social well-being.

Take care of your body, take care of your mind, take care of your emotions and the way in which you relate.

Your body has recorded information about what happens to you in your daily life and how it affects you, how you react.

Proper functioning of your body requires care, food and exercise but also emotional.

Your body is made to move, to move your thoughts and not to remain stagnant, to move your physical so that it does not atrophy and generate energy and circulate and to move your emotions so they do not rot.


And curiously our body will often give us the first warning and give us the key.

That unpleasant sensation in your stomach, that trembling in your legs, that nervous tic that appears at that moment in particular, that aphonia, that slight tension in your trapeze or in your temple, that insatiable appetite …

They are all those feelings that we feel and that we do not pay much attention to, sometimes because we do not even associate with the particular fact that we have reacted like this, we do not know what the emotion behind. It can be fear, it can be anguish, it can be anger or sadness.

When was the last time you noticed any of these warnings?

If you tell me that a long time ago, I’m sorry, but I’m not going to believe it.

Surely your life is full of experiences of all kinds: unforgettable, those that are better not remember, full of hope and illusion, joyful, chaotic, confusing, motivating, sensual, boring, and endless. Our daily life is full of them, some more important or relevant than others.

Each of these experiences has left an imprint on you, may be indelible, may be subtle, may be unconscious, conscious.

Each of the experiences you have you represent them with images, sounds, sensations and those who have had an important emotional component are those that are easier to relive. Yes, relive you do not remember because it’s like you’re living it right now.

If you do not believe me or you sound Chinese, do the test now.

For a few moments think of a concrete experience important to you. When you got the first job, the first day you met your partner or husband, when you first saw your child’s face, when you passed that test that seemed impossible, a concrete experience.

Just flip it over and let it show up again and then tell me.

The sensations that you have are that register at the physiological level I was talking about.Regardless of whether you are conscious or not, whether you have paid your attention or not, whether you have silenced it or not, it is there.

Normally you will remember those that have had more importance in your life, whether positive or negative, but in reality there are many experiences in your daily life not so relevant but you still have the record.


So if you want to know more about yourself, if you want to take care of yourself, if you want to go beyond taking a pill, be aware of those signs and ask yourself these questions.

What am I noticing and where in my body?

With this information you will start to have a register of subtle sensations that will give you greater awareness of yourself and will serve as a resource for not reaching the limit of your strength, your patience, your resistance.

What are you telling me about how I am?

Your answer to this question will allow you to be clear about what you have to do with it. It can be with your fear, fears or doubts, perhaps with your anger, resentment, anger, perhaps with your sadness or melancholy.

And also the thoughts that are associated with those feelings or emotions will appear. What you say mentally.

Ask yourself questions, do not stop asking yourself, even if you are lazy, even if you are tired, even if it is not the best time.

And tell me, all this for what?

To have a greater degree of awareness of what is usually happening to you, what bothers you, limits you, does not help you, and begins to take control before the horse goes overboard.

Because our body is not just a compass, it is also a resource that can allow you in that moment you detect that signal change your state. You can reduce your fears, your anguish, your sadness or anger.

Think about how you breathe when you are calm, relaxed, content and begin to breathe like this. At first it may cost you, but if you focus your attention, surely you get it.

Think about how you feel when you dance, or do exercises or just take a walk. Spend a few minutes a day doing some of these activities.

Return to your body, listen to your body.

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