Eleven Benefits of Strawberries for Your Skin

Strawberries are members of the rose family and have grown in wild environments for centuries. It is the only fruit whose seeds can be seen from the outside. Today, they are globally available and can be eaten raw or as part of processed foods such as pies, ice cream, jams, milkshakes or chocolate because of their texture and sweetness.

The extract of strawberries is used as preservatives in a wide variety of products. Many of these vary in size, shape, and color. Many of the strawberries sometimes have white or yellowish colors. The smaller varieties have a more intense flavor, while the larger varieties generally taste more watery.

Aside from being delicious, strawberries are rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are vital for skin, hair and health. For this reason, they act as the main ingredient for the main beauty products. They are used as a facial mask, exfoliating cream or toner, producing a brighter skin. The following are the main benefits for the skin.

1. Excellent skin cleanser

Strawberries have cleansing properties, since their extracts are used constantly as skin cleansers, face creams, rejuvenating creams and refreshing bubbles bath. Its benefit is that they contain vitamin C, salicylic acid antioxidants and exfoliates. Salicylic acid removes dead skin cells from the face while strengthening the pores. Elegiac acid, another property, acts as an antioxidant that fights skin damage, keeping its youth and freshness. Therefore, strawberries remove impurities and soften the skin, while lowering the tendency to allergy and other irritants, offering protection to pollution. (more…)

Insomnia, are you having trouble sleeping?

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder. In the Sleep Unit of the University Hospital of San Vicente Foundation, we recently conducted a study in Sabaneta – Antioquia and found that 1 in 5 people had chronic insomnia. It is a problem that can have several causes but sometimes has so much impact on the lives of people that their presence requires a care aimed at improving it, regardless of its cause.

Insomnia is the perception that each person has of not sleeping well, which can have several manifestations: difficulty falling asleep, frequent awaken with difficulty falling asleep, wake up earlier than desired, or the feeling of not sleeping well Made all night long. These symptoms that occur at night should be accompanied by fatigue, fatigue, lack of energy or problems of concentration during the day, which decrease performance at work and study. When these problems do not occur during the day, there is probably no insomnia, but a false belief about sleep needs. For example, it is common for people over 65 to wake up early, at 2 or 3 in the morning, but do it rested and during the day feel good, this case is not considered insomnia and what is recommended is Get up and do some activity at this time of the morning.

The most common causes of insomnia are depression, anxiety, psychophysiological insomnia, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, medications, poor health and sleep habits. In the first two cases, it is best to consult the psychiatrist to start the recommended treatment. (more…)

Running a seaside cafe in the 21st century

The traditional image of a seaside cafe is often a slightly rundown venue close to the beach where you can buy mugs of tea, fish and chips and ‒ if you are lucky ‒ sticky buns. Today, however, you need to cater for all the visitors to your resort and offer the kind of refreshments they expect if you want your business to be successful.


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Check out the competition

If there are other food businesses in the area, look at them and try to establish what makes them popular. Are they doing anything differently? What sort of customers prefer their establishments to yours? Do they have a higher food hygiene rating than you? In addition to displaying the inspection results in the venues, the ratings can be found on the Food Standards website. Many health-conscious parents today will be checking this, so ensure that your rating is five stars.

One idea when researching the competition is to ask friends or family to visit other local eateries and report back on the quality and variety of refreshments offered. Your regular customers may also be able to offer suggestions about what they would like to see included on your menu.


Even if you cannot afford to invest in all the latest equipment, it is important that your food and drink is kept correctly. You can source equipment such as commercial bottle coolers, which are vital for those hot, sunny days, from a selection of commercial bottle coolers by https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/commercial-bottle-coolers/double-door-under-counter-bottle-coolers .

Ice cream is something that must be kept properly to avoid the possibility of food poisoning and it is essential to ensure that you have procedures in place for checking freezer temperatures regularly. The Guardian recently reported on a listeria outbreak related to ice cream in the US.

Other considerations

Many visitors to the seaside are families, and parents have never been more health conscious than they are today. You will need to provide fresh, healthy foods, such as salads and plenty of fruit, and make sure that you offer smaller portions for children. These can also appreciated by some older adults who find today’s normal-sized portions too big. A facility for heating baby food is often appreciated, and a clean and attractive baby changing area will attract mothers with young families.

Clinical trials for IVF patients

Lots of people considering fertility treatment are interested in clinical trials. This is because trials that are happening right now have the potential to improve current forms of IVF, making it easier for couples to have children.


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There are currently a few trials taking place in the UK that may help to improve IVF success rates in the future. Here is everything that you need to know about the trials.


E-Freeze is a clinical trial that aims to find out if frozen thawed embryos have a higher success rate than fresh embryos. The theory is that because the eggs are not replaced immediately, the womb will have time to recover from the hormones used to stimulate the ovaries. This means that the womb will have returned to normal by the time the eggs are replaced.

Currently, scientists are unsure if frozen eggs are more effective, but this study will compare results so that they can improve success rates with IVF. Couples who are participating in the study will be randomized to either have an embryo transfer right away or to have the embryo frozen. Participants must be under the age of 42 and UK residents.

Endometrial Scratch

The second clinical trial is investigating if an endometrial scratch can improve IVF success rates. An endometrial scratch entails doctors intentionally scratching the womb lining in the month before the woman undergoes IVF treatment. Some research has indicated that this can improve outcomes in women who have repeatedly had unsuccessful IVF cycles, but this study will be looking at women who are going through their first round of IVF. The study is based in Sheffield, and there are different trials taking place across the UK. If you want to find out more about the study, look at the University of Sheffield website as there is a video that will explain more about the trial.

If you are considering taking part in a trial, contact G and L scientific http://www.gandlscientific.com/clinical-trial-assistants/ or a similar company to find out more. They hire clinical trial assistants to help advance modern medicine and treatment.

If you decide to participate in a trial, you will be helping fertility patients in the future to improve their chances of getting pregnant. Large trials give doctors and scientists the opportunity to learn more about IVF methods, helping them to improve IVF success rates.

Hormones in Exercise

Hormones are a group of substances that will stimulate, depending on the case, some function of our body, such as the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, body temperature, sexual functions, etc. Hormones can increase or decrease any of these functions but always being very specific taking control by concentration or hormonal levels in the body as well as the sleep-wake cycle to give some examples.

By making clear the above we can note that keeping the function of our hormones in order is vital for our body to function, it is as if we wanted to ride in a car but the gas pump or the steering would not work in a good way.

Would you be afraid to meet such a driver on the street?

Now let’s take that example and see if we can find someone who exercises during the week and the weekend practically does not sleep and goes partying accompanying this of a very long fast and wonder why he does not see results, it is as if we ask why The driver of the previous example crashed. (more…)

Two simple steps to discover your behavior pattern in your relationships

Have you had a relationship where everything was complicated?

It can be with a partner, with a friend, with a boss or boss, with a co-worker.

That relationship in which there was usually friction, lack of understanding, discomfort, probably even upset.

Maybe even now when you think of that person you get the same feeling or emotion again.

Surely you have also had the good fortune to meet that friend, boss or co-worker, with whom everything is simple, easy, happy to talk to that person.

Because as my mother would say, “there is everything in the vineyard of the Lord.”

And have not you ever wondered what it is that person that takes me out of my boxes?

Sure, and I propose to find out what it can be, if you still do not know.

But let’s take a look at both sides, that is, yourself and the other person.

Because, as you probably know, in every relationship, whatever it is, each part puts something of itself in order to maintain the way it works even if it proves unsatisfactory.

The ingredients of the cocktail that undermines all relationship

Something that appears quite frequently when there are difficulties in relationships with others, whether on a personal or professional level is the Requirement and Frustration. Both are closely related.

The Requirement

We all like that what we propose is as we have planned.

In many cases the plans may not be fulfilled well because we have set a very high bar or have not taken into account the possible obstacles.

In addition there are unforeseen events that will always be there and before which the only thing we can do is modify and adjust the plan.


A certain level of exigency helps you to achieve your goals the problem appears when you do not give a margin for error or you do not accept that your plan does not turn out as you have imagined it in your head.

Thus the demand, the pursuit of perfection leads you to feel dissatisfied almost permanently.

If you’re picky with yourself, you’re going to be with others. Control and intransigence will appear when you expect others to act like you would, have the same tastes, be willing to do what you would do, want what you do, and so on.

The Frustration

Frustration is an emotional response to unfulfilled desires and expectations.

Everyone at one time or another has felt frustrated. The difference is how often we feel frustrated and how we react to that emotion.

It depends on the learning that you have done in your childhood around the frustration that you have more or less tolerance to it.

It may happen that in the face of any eventuality, no matter how small, it leaves your outline or your expectations and you feel disappointed and frustrated.

Frustration can trigger anger, anxiety, depression, it will depend on the personality traits of whoever suffers it, from assiduity and intensity.

The environment also plays its part, if you are in a highly competitive work environment, where the goals or objectives are very demanding and where you only value the result and not the effort, it will be easier for frustrating situations.

How your expectations will not be met, dissatisfaction will be present regularly and will affect your mood and attitude. You will probably think that the other is not up to par, has failed you, has no interest, does not strive, etc.

In the case of relationships, if your relationship does not meet the requirements that you consider must meet any relationship, or if you feel you are unrequited or heard in the same way as you listen or attend to your partner, be a Source of discomfort and dissatisfaction for you, that is, frustration.

If you feel that an ongoing daily contact by phone or wassap with your partner is important and does not answer every message or call that you make during the day, you will feel disillusioned.

If you answer but with a brief comment and you consider that the subject gives much of itself, you will feel that you are not very interested in what you explain.

With your children also you will exercise this demand and will result in control to make sure you do things as they should do. You will rarely be satisfied with their results and they will be generating a feeling of not being adequate and maybe stress.

These would be examples of some of the situations that can occur.

What are you doing on your part?

Finally, I’d like to give you some more clue as to what you might be putting on your side. It has to do with your character , which in turn determine your strategy when interact with others.

Check with which of them you feel more identified in the relationship with your partner, friends, co-workers, bosses, etc:

  • You feel disappointed when the other person does not fulfill all that is necessary to have a perfect relationship

  • You wait for the other person to need you and tell you continually why you are totally giving yourself and always available to offer your help

  • You want to feel continually recognized and admired in everything you do and of course that others are also up to

  • Let the other person be when you want and at the same time leave you when you need it, respect your space and let all that know without having to tell you

  • That he understands to you and that it makes easy for you to understand him without needing many explanations, that respects your space does not have to count according to which things and at the same time that is to your side and supports you

  • You expect me to trust you and make you feel safe and maybe even if everything goes well you have doubts because you do not trust and you do not believe it

  • You expect the relationship to be great, intense and enjoy continuously and that the other is also fun and enthusiastic at all times.

You can also apply it in reverse, that is, the person with whom you have that conflict or lack of understanding can respond to one of these patterns.

If you still do not know which pattern you usually follow and you want to find out what it is, I suggest you follow these guidelines.

First steps to recognize your relationship pattern

# 1 # Observe

Pay attention for a few days what do you think, do and say and how you feel when you relate to the person / s with which you have the difficulty.

Identify what is repeated in those three levels (think, do and feel).

# 2 # Put yourself in the other person’s place

When you have a moment when you are alone, imagine that you are facing the other person.

Put yourself in that place where you have imagined is closing his eyes and put in place what he thinks, what he does or says and what he feels.

It is convenient that you perform this exercise, the two steps, for several days to acquire a certain skill, at first can be somewhat difficult because of lack of practice.

After a few days you will surely begin to recognize what is repeated in most of the occasions when you relate to that person / s.

I assure you that if you follow these steps and get your attention, only discovering what is there will help you make some small change, either in your attitude or behavior, that will facilitate your relationship with that person.

I encourage you to try it because in your hands is part of the solution.

5 infallible techniques that will help you reduce stress

Do you want to forget about stress? Do you want to feel calm?

Have the feeling and the certainty that there is nothing that can make you lose your balance.

Well, you’re not the only one.

Stress is one of the star topics in our society today.

And when I say our society I mean industrialized environments, with a high population, where the speed and rush prevails during a great part of the day and it extends to almost every day of the week.

According to the WHO, the stress and consequences of regularly suffering such as anxiety, insomnia, emotional imbalance, irascibility, lack of concentration, etc., is the epidemic of the 21st century.

In the latest studies carried out and to illustrate the scope it has, they reveal that in Europe, 28% of workers suffer from stress.

According to the National Institute of Statistics, in Spain 58% of workers suffer from work stress.

If we look at Latin American countries, Mexico is the country with the highest index in the world.

The most common sources of stress are:

  • Work environment with uncertainty, high levels of demands and work overload

  • Major losses (death of a relative, separation, being out of work)

  • Negative thoughts

  • Toxic relationships

  • Isolation and loneliness

However, it must also be said that stress itself is not harmful. It makes sense in our survival and development as a species and we must differentiate between eustress and distress.

This excessive increase in stress in a large part of today’s society has led to the proliferation of courses, books, workshops, etc. to control and reduce stress.

The crux of the matter lies in not waiting for the last moment, to do a preventive work, not so much thinking about avoiding but improving your physical and mental state.

The Most Successful Techniques to Fight Stress

# 1 # Meditation

In Western culture the word meditation comes from the Latin MEDITATIO originally indicated a type of intellectual exercise; while the word contemplation reserved for a religious or spiritual use.

Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either for a profit or to mentally recognize a content without being identified / a with that content.

Approaches to meditation vary from those based on observing the breath, visualizing some positive thinking or inspiring image and focusing on some object or image (such as a mandala).

What you will get with the practice of Meditation

Meditation can not only have religious purposes but also be focused on maintaining physical or mental health.

Scientific studies have shown that some meditation techniques can help:

  • Improve concentration

  • Increase memori

  • Improves the immune system and overall health

  • Relieves stress, anxiety and depression

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Develop emotional intelligence

To see the benefits of meditation requires a daily commitment, a routine, a discipline through which meditation becomes a priority.

# 2 # Yoga

Yoga (Sanskrit yoga ‘union’) refers to a traditional physical and mental discipline that originated in India. Yoga works this union of the body, soul and mind with itself and with the universe.

There are more than one hundred types of yoga. In the West various styles are known and practiced that derive from Hatha Yoga, one of the most dynamic. There are more spiritual, such as Yoga Kundalini, or more physical and demanding, such as Yoga Bikram, which is practiced in a warm room.

Yoga works on Chakras, which are energy centers located in certain parts of the body. It is possible to harmonize the physical zone where they are located, which allows energy to flow, flow freely.

What you will get with the practice of Yoga

  • With the practice of yoga you consiguirás increase your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

  • Improves flexibility, muscle tone and overall fitness.

  • Increases strength physical, working muscles while improving the overall appearance of our body.

  • There is an energetic change that changes the whole functioning of the organism, balancing it.
  • Thanks to the increased production of endorphins, contributes to the reduction of painand inflammation caused by some physical condition, generating a state of relaxation.
  • Improve your resistance to stress, anxiety control and focus attention on the important issues of your day to day problems preventing you from drowning.

Currently you can find many centers where it is taught. From my personal experience I always recommend practicing it in specialized centers, that is to say, where the professors dedicate themselves exclusively to this activity.

The motives, very simple, will not only convey a theoretical knowledge but their own experience through personal experience because for them is usually a lifestyle and not just a technique.

# 3 # Breathing Techniques

Breathing is the process through which we collect oxygen from the air and remove the carbon dioxide that comes from the metabolism of our body at the cellular level. But in reality it is much more than that, it is the basis of life.

It determines the oxygenation of our major organs and influences the brain and nervous system in such a way that we can improve our physical and mental state through it.

To learn to breathe properly, first of all, you must be aware that you breathe and analyze how you are doing it. Correct breathing is a full breath, which involved the entire respiratory system and lungs are filled with air.

Thousands of years ago the importance of breathing was known and therefore in some practices like yoga is one of its pillars.

Breathing is regulated by the nervous system but has the characteristic that it can influence voluntarily changing its pace and depth.

Your breathing is different depending on your state of mind, level of tension and energy.

Breathing exercises stimulate the parasympathetic and helps the brain to release calming hormones like endorphins, which help you to make better decisions nervous system.

Why breathing exercises are an excellent resource to reduce tensions, stress and achieve relaxation and tranquility that you need in your daily life.

Used as a technique in itself has the following advantages:

  • The different breathing techniques are simple to learn

  • They are ideal for people to whom other techniques like meditation, yoga, etc. are not useful

  • Can be done almost anywhere

# 4 # Mindfulness

Mindfulness as a psychological concept is the concentration of attention and awareness, based on the concept of mindfulness or full consciousness of Buddhist meditation.

Many of the religious traditions of the world use mindfulness implicitly or explicitly, as it is a basic human capacity and connection with the present.

Over the past 30 years, the practice of Mindfulness or Mindfulness is integrated to Western medicine and psychology.

It has been scientifically studied and therefore recognized as an effective way to reduce stress, increase self-awareness, reduce the physical and psychological symptoms associated with stress and anxiety and improve overall well-being.

What you will get with the practice of Mindfulness

  • To be fully in the present, in the here and now

  • Observe unpleasant thoughts and sensations as they are
  • Connection with oneself, with others and with the world around us
  • Increased awareness of judgments towards oneself and others
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Less reaction to unpleasant experiences
  • Recognition of constant change (thoughts, emotions and feelings that come and go)
  • Greater balance, less emotional reactivity
  • Greater calm and peace
  • Greater acceptance and self-pity

# 5 # Expressive Motion

Perhaps this is the least known although in the last 5 years has been widespread.

The Expressive Movement is a system of psycho-coporal work based on the Rio Open System, yoga, bioenergetics and plastic techniques.

It is an approach that aims to achieve greater wellbeing and physical, mental and emotional balance.

In this type of activity the body is the main protagonist of the sessions. From your body, your movement, your relationship with him, you will discover habits, attitudes, the usual way of facing life and relating to yourself and others.

The work is done through guided and free movement with music, conscious breathing, postural awareness, expression using voice, dramatization, creativity, relaxation.

What you will get with the practice of Expressive Movement

  • Become more aware of your body, of your sensations

  • Connect with enjoyment, playfulness, creativity

  • Set aside the judgment, the sense of ridicule to discover yourself and be more yourself

  • Relate to others in a different way

  • Change repetitive habits and behaviors

  • Expand the repertoire of movements, improve coordination, body posture and muscle tone achieving physical well-being

  • Relieve tension and release energy to flow without blockages to regain effortless strength and vitality

What do all of them have in common?

Each of these techniques have their particularities although the common element is to achieve a greater awareness and connection with the here and now, with the present.

Its objective is an improvement of the health understood in an integral way, that is to say, both physical, mental and emotional.

Achieve a balance as a Being that allows you to enjoy each moment with greater harmony and peace.

Now it is a question of choosing, if you have not already, the one that best suits your preferences. The best way to find out is to try. Do not just stay with what they explain and take action.

As almost always to make a change and get the results you want need to persevere and not giveup at the first and have some discipline.

The Best Guide to Your Health is in Your Body

They told me that I had to eat everything to grow healthy and strong.

That I had to shelter when it was cold so I did not catch cold.

It will not take much sun on the beach to not burn.

That I would not bathe until it was two hours after I had eaten.

Now tell us that you take such a thing to sleep better.

You take the pills on shift to have more energy during the day and be happy.

That you use this other product for your intestinal tract and so when you do well, you will.

And so a long etcetera.

What do they tell us and what do they not tell us?

What they tell us is that if something happens to you, look for an alternative out there.

Why ask about the source of that uneasiness, restlessness, anguish, disease?

It seems to me more reasonable to think that if our body reacts in a certain way (continuous headaches, intestinal tract problems, chest tightness and anguish, backaches, tachycardias, insomnia …) is something.

In both cases the health is seen from a physical and external perspective, as if nothing of our own body was dependent but the solution is outside, you can do almost nothing.

So do not ask yourself anything, because you have no answer.


Where are your mind, your feelings and your emotions?

Are not they part of you? Have they nothing to do with your suffering?

On many occasions there are people who come to talks or workshops that I do and they tell me that they have anxiety and are taking anxiolytics. Simply, that is the solution to your problem.Everything is in the hands of that pill.


Do you think a pill will change your perception of life? Will a pill change your habits?

Because of that, what are your beliefs about life and about yourself, what are their values, how you perceive reality and how you react to it. Surely in a way that does not bring you happiness.

If our body complains, if our mind is blocked, if we feel anguish, sadness, anger or fear, why do not we listen?

Maybe it is easier to self deceive thinking that a pill will relieve us, it will help us, solve life.

A herbal, some pills, a massage, some electrodes, a special bandages. All these remedies can alleviate but not solve.

However, as in Classical Greece they said it “mens sana in corpore sano” although the sense they gave him was the need to pray to have a balanced spirit in a balanced body.

Spiritual balance and physical balance.

When do we forget that part of us?

If we want to be healthy, if we want to be healthy in the full extent of the word, we will have to look at it from another angle.

According to the definition given by the WHO “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not only the absence of affections or diseases”.

Complete physical, mental and social well-being.

Take care of your body, take care of your mind, take care of your emotions and the way in which you relate.

Your body has recorded information about what happens to you in your daily life and how it affects you, how you react.

Proper functioning of your body requires care, food and exercise but also emotional.

Your body is made to move, to move your thoughts and not to remain stagnant, to move your physical so that it does not atrophy and generate energy and circulate and to move your emotions so they do not rot.


And curiously our body will often give us the first warning and give us the key.

That unpleasant sensation in your stomach, that trembling in your legs, that nervous tic that appears at that moment in particular, that aphonia, that slight tension in your trapeze or in your temple, that insatiable appetite …

They are all those feelings that we feel and that we do not pay much attention to, sometimes because we do not even associate with the particular fact that we have reacted like this, we do not know what the emotion behind. It can be fear, it can be anguish, it can be anger or sadness.

When was the last time you noticed any of these warnings?

If you tell me that a long time ago, I’m sorry, but I’m not going to believe it.

Surely your life is full of experiences of all kinds: unforgettable, those that are better not remember, full of hope and illusion, joyful, chaotic, confusing, motivating, sensual, boring, and endless. Our daily life is full of them, some more important or relevant than others.

Each of these experiences has left an imprint on you, may be indelible, may be subtle, may be unconscious, conscious.

Each of the experiences you have you represent them with images, sounds, sensations and those who have had an important emotional component are those that are easier to relive. Yes, relive you do not remember because it’s like you’re living it right now.

If you do not believe me or you sound Chinese, do the test now.

For a few moments think of a concrete experience important to you. When you got the first job, the first day you met your partner or husband, when you first saw your child’s face, when you passed that test that seemed impossible, a concrete experience.

Just flip it over and let it show up again and then tell me.

The sensations that you have are that register at the physiological level I was talking about.Regardless of whether you are conscious or not, whether you have paid your attention or not, whether you have silenced it or not, it is there.

Normally you will remember those that have had more importance in your life, whether positive or negative, but in reality there are many experiences in your daily life not so relevant but you still have the record.


So if you want to know more about yourself, if you want to take care of yourself, if you want to go beyond taking a pill, be aware of those signs and ask yourself these questions.

What am I noticing and where in my body?

With this information you will start to have a register of subtle sensations that will give you greater awareness of yourself and will serve as a resource for not reaching the limit of your strength, your patience, your resistance.

What are you telling me about how I am?

Your answer to this question will allow you to be clear about what you have to do with it. It can be with your fear, fears or doubts, perhaps with your anger, resentment, anger, perhaps with your sadness or melancholy.

And also the thoughts that are associated with those feelings or emotions will appear. What you say mentally.

Ask yourself questions, do not stop asking yourself, even if you are lazy, even if you are tired, even if it is not the best time.

And tell me, all this for what?

To have a greater degree of awareness of what is usually happening to you, what bothers you, limits you, does not help you, and begins to take control before the horse goes overboard.

Because our body is not just a compass, it is also a resource that can allow you in that moment you detect that signal change your state. You can reduce your fears, your anguish, your sadness or anger.

Think about how you breathe when you are calm, relaxed, content and begin to breathe like this. At first it may cost you, but if you focus your attention, surely you get it.

Think about how you feel when you dance, or do exercises or just take a walk. Spend a few minutes a day doing some of these activities.

Return to your body, listen to your body.

Indian firm gets FDA approval for new Lupin pain relief

The US subsidiary of Indian pharmaceutical company Lupin has been given final approval from the US health regulator for its Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen tablets.


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Hitting the market

Lupin Somerset, also known as Novel Laboratories Inc, can now market the tablets in 5mg/325mg, 7.5mg/325mg and 10mg/325mg strengths. Designed to be used for moderate to moderately severe pain relief, they are a generic version of Allergan Sales LLC’s Norco tablets in the same strengths.

The transnational company, which is the fifth largest pharmaceutical firm in the US by prescriptions, has said its US arm, Gavis Pharmaceuticals LLC, will launch the product shortly. In its filing to the Bombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai-based Lupin said the Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen Tablets USP had sales of $89.6m in the US, according to IMS MAT September 2016.

Premarket notification

Drug companies can spend a long time getting their products to market. When wondering how long does it take to get a FDA 510k approved, some choose to use a third-party company such as http://www.fdathirdpartyreview.com/ to speed the process up.

The FDA requires manufacturers to notify it of their intent to market at least 90 days in advance.
Each year, its Centre for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) approves a range of new drugs, providing advice to ensure they are safe, high-quality and effective generic alternatives. All FDA-approved generic drugs have the same quality, strength, purity and stability as brand-name tablets and must pass the same quality standards in packaging, manufacturing and testing.

Lupin has the fifth largest amount of abbreviated new drug applications pending FDA approval, which now stands at 339. It has already received approvals for 198 of its products. Now that Lupin has gained final approval, the tablets, which are suitable for patients who need moderate to moderately severe pain relief, will soon be available for purchase in the United States.

Lupin was established in 1967 and employs more than 1,000 people in the manufacturing of pain relief pharmaceuticals, healthcare products and herbal products. It also makes food supplements and personal care products. After it was given the FDA nod for the new analgesic drugs, the firm’s shares went up 1.24 per cent. It recently posted a net profit of 6,530.8m rupees for the quarter ending September 2016.