5 tips to stop suffering for love and turn page

When are you going to stop suffering for love?

In this post you will know 6 disastrous consequences and 5 tips for personal transformation.

Slowly and without realizing it, September arrived. We are approaching slowly in the autumn, but still very hot in these lands. I barely noticed, because I am immersed in a sea of words to put together the puzzle of my new book-ebook.

I’m getting ahead of you, it’s going well. One of the topics that my readers are most interested in and that I will treat with mime, is about how to stop suffering for love.

If you still feel pain and suffer for a relationship that ended or could not be and you do not know how to overcome it.

This post is for you.

But first I want to tell you that suffering for love or remaining attached to a love that could not be has disastrous consequences for your esteem and your emotions.



It took me 5 years to remove the blindfold from my eyes and realize that I needed it and that my life did make sense without it.


After reading more than 20 books of inner growth and seeking support to overcome the loss of my partner, I have learned to live alone and also recently I have known a new love.

Suffer for love

Do you want to know 6 disastrous consequences?

It sure is, and it is good that you become aware of them to put all your energies in leaving the suffering and to turn the page.

Consequence 1

# Caught by the past

You run the risk of being trapped by memories, thoughts and toxic emotions of the past, being a high risk for your personal well – being and your future relationships. Beware mental barriers.

Consequence 2

# Constant frustration

Frustration generates a lot of negativity and emotions like anger, jealousy, envy and even you can distort reality, for example: all men are frogs, fucking life or I do not believe in love.

Consequence 3

# Lost of the illusion

Linked to these two previous points. Serious is losing the illusion, feeling depressed, without energy and strength to reborn, fight for your dreams, expand and even lose you to enjoy your natural beauty.

Consequence 4

# Bad roll

Not turning the page generates bad roll and feeling that everything weighs you. You crush your mind with bad rolls that make you have more bad days than good and do not let you know the joy of living. What’s more, you wonder, Are there joys in life? Tell me where they are?

You see gray on all sides while others see the whole range of colors.

Consequence 5

# Dangerous self-sabotage

It was my fault, because if I had done this or that everything would have been different. And add and continue internal sabotages that make your self-esteem plummet.

The self-sabotaging part of your inner dialogue and is reflected in your behavior.

For example destructive behaviors: anxiety about being aware of your expartner and have negative behaviors against yourself.

Consequence 6

# Completely neglecting you

To pass from you, your physique and your emotions. Neglect yourself completely and even your sensual, creative and natural side. In short, do not value and respect as a person.

And then what do I do?

5 Tips to Stop Suffering for Love

There are enough reasons to turn the page and to restart your life with joy, to make plans to fulfill a dream, to smile, to love you and to discover other loves.

Tip 1

# Questioning the suffering

What consequences does it have for a lost love?

Take conscience and ask questions that question (be criticized) the suffering. What is the use of continuing this way? You will realize that it is a useless suffering that makes you lose hope, self – esteem and wellbeing plummets.

Tip 2

# You are the key to change

It is your responsibility to turn the page. In your interior house is the key to give you new opportunities.

Take steps to reconnect with you and without fear of change.

You have a great power: you have only to lose the fear to discover it. Make a list of all your qualities, only qualities and you will discover that there is much more than you think.

Council 3

Fall in love with you

Yes, you must fall in love with yourself. Fall in love with the woman, the girl and the wise in you. It’s no use giving and giving if you do not love yourself. Look for your love inside before you insistently seek it out (it is much healthier to start with you).

You are the key to change and you are the one who opens the heart or closes it forever. You can also read 5 keys to take care of yourself.

Council 4

# Courage to face self-sabotage

Plan your action plan to make the necessary changes and courage to face: fears, bad rolls, frustrations and negative thoughts that roam your head and make you return to suffering again and again.

Council 5

# More mood + positive attitude + new loves.

This post will continue next week …. + Videopill.

“Let your sentimental past not condition your present life, turn the page and learn to amart and”

I accompany you and train so that:

-Find inner calm through relaxation and mindfulness.

-Increase your self-esteem and take out of your life limiting beliefs.

-Gestion your emotions and stop suffering for love.

“I’ll help you figure out how to automate yourself.”

-Learn to love you and improve your emotional bonds.

-I help you create a plan of action to rebuild your life.

-Improve your personal skills to connect with other people.
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