How to know if Omega 3 is original

Do you wonder how to know if the Omega 3 is genuine?

When we decided to buy an Omega 3, to avoid risk, it is always better to get a pure, safe and necessary to attest to the full quality certifications.

The omega-3 fatty acids extracted from blue fish, by their nature, tend to also concentrate toxic and harmful substances to a greater or lesser degree.

It is advisable always to worry about buying the best omega 3 and of more quality, that is to say, one that has a high level of purity.

Unfortunately and fortunately, in recent years the choice of omega 3 supplements has increased exponentially.


This is related to the fact that almost every day new scientific studies are published that support the extraordinary healing properties of these valuable essential fatty acids.

This has led many companies to produce each their own omega 3 fatty acid supplement. So there are many in the market today.

It is tough for a non-expert to be able to distinguish “high-end” supplements (the best option) from those in the lower grades of quality rankings.

What is the IFOS certificate?

Well, one of the decisive if not the most important factors is the presence of the famous IFOS 5star certificate must be present in the product you want to buy.

Because the IFOS certification is to put much in evidence.

What are some of the characteristics that should be specially controlled?
IFOS is an independent evaluation program, managed by Nutrasource, which is based at the University of Guelph in Canada.

The IFOS program is submitted to only omega 3 analysis of those companies that ask for their certification.

In fact, to overcome IFOS tests must be within very tight parameters.

You should be sure to produce omega-3 fatty acids of the highest quality.

This is probably one of the reasons why many manufacturers have no interest in the IFOS certificate.

If you do not know well all properties of this essential substance, you can find more information about the Omega 3.

How do stars work on IFOS certification?

IFOS Certification

IFOS assigns five stars according to the following evaluation criteria:

A star for overcoming all categories analyzed according to several parameters that correspond to the levels of:

PCB, dioxins, furans, peroxide, anisidine, complete oxidation, acid, mercury, lead, arsenic, etc.

A star for Omega 3 levels with the concentration of more than 60% of the contents of the capsule.

A star for oxidation levels below 75% in CRN standards.

A star PCB levels to less than 50% compared to CRN standards.

A star dioxin levels less than 50% about the WHO standard.

At the end of the analytical tests, they are assigned a certain number of stars, which is an expression of the following comments:

  • 1 star: quality “poor.”
  • 2 stars quality “sufficient.”
  • 3 stars: “right” level
  • 4 star: “magnificent.”
  • 5-star quality “exceptional.”

IFOS has an online database.
In it was published a lot of omega 3 fatty acids from those companies that have been certified with 5 stars.

How to know if Omega 3 is original

So how do you know if the Omega 3 is original and high quality?

You can see brands of omega 3 fatty acids that have IFOS certification and review each of the lots analyzed. Visit for more tips and reviews on various topcis.

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