5 tips to stop suffering for love and turn page

When are you going to stop suffering for love?

In this post you will know 6 disastrous consequences and 5 tips for personal transformation.

Slowly and without realizing it, September arrived. We are approaching slowly in the autumn, but still very hot in these lands. I barely noticed, because I am immersed in a sea of words to put together the puzzle of my new book-ebook. (more…)

Alzheimer: The biggest challenge of medicine

One in ten people over 65 suffer from this neurodegenerative disease whose main risk factor is age. There are more than 1,125,000 sick and, being a pathology whose caregivers are family members, affects the lives of 4,500,000 people.

Today, the disease that Alois Alzheimer first described in 1906 has become the greatest challenge of modern medicine, explains the neurologist Pablo Martinez-Lage, scientific director of the CITA-Alzheimer Foundation: “First because of its high prevalence and the high level of dependence generated for eight or ten years. Multiplying dependence, prevalence, cost and considering the population ages increasingly, in 20 or 30 years the number of people who have it will bend.” You will get more interesting info by visit http://www.janelledeeds.com/ (more…)

Exercise to improve memory

Exercise are attributed many benefits for physical and mental health from the womb to the end of life. And now they could join one more: to improve memory even when it is already damaged. So says research published in Neurology, the journal of the American Academy of Neurology. Preferentially researchers, and l exercise can be associated with a small benefit for older people who already have problems with memory and cognitive. To know more information like this you can visit http://www.ravenswoodbaptist.com/ (more…)