You have a tumor? Will tell the saliva

Scientific research is increasingly committed to defining new methods for cancer diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Just think of the realization of the technology to show the cancer cells as if they were pixels, and improvement of liquid biopsy that analyzes saliva.

Saliva tests for cancer diagnosis

At the conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, David Wong of the University of California, Los Angeles, she presented the prototype of a test for liquid biopsy being approved by the FDA – Food and Drug Administration – and available in great Britain in about four years.

DNA research forensic scienceJust a drop of saliva to know within 10 minutes if there is a trace of a tumor in the body. To date, the Wong researcher has demonstrated the effectiveness of the method only for lung cancer, a disease that, with the traditional methods, the need for complicated blood tests and of time, at least two weeks, for a diagnosis.

The saliva test to detect tumors has more positive aspects:

It has diagnostic validity, unlike traditional liquid blood test that show the degree of progress of lung cancer but are not used as a primary test.

  • It’s fast. In 10 minutes shows the presence of tumor DNA.
  • It is economical. The kit for the liquid biopsy will cost about $20, a price accessible to all.
  • It is practical. It can be done anywhere, the doctor, pharmacy and even at home or in the office.

Liquid biopsy: Future goals

The goal to which you aim is the use of the saliva test for the diagnosis of other cancers in addition to lung, such as pancreatic cancer. Even they are working in this direction: the Id-Cancer project, the Institute Oncology Veneto (IOV) seeks to identify new markers that with the blood tests, the biopsy can avoid allowing to monitor the reduction or less of tumors and the effectiveness of treatment in patients under treatment.

The most ambitious objective is to provide a method capable of diagnosing different types of cancer simultaneously. It is a desirable goal even foolhardy because, as we have repeatedly pointed out, there is only one tumor, but there are as many as the organs and body parts that can strike this evil. Click to know more reviews.

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