Work standing at the PC: So many benefits after a little practice

Standing is the healthier way to work on the PC. The researchers say the Preventive Medicine Reports of the University of Sydney (Australia) and confirms the choice of many start upper which for years prefer the desk standing (standing) position to sitting. Let’s see why.

While staying too much time sitting in front of the PC because many disorders, work standing offers many benefits to body and mind.

work-standing-at-the-pc-so-many-benefits-after-a-little-practiceWork standing: Health for body

You can say goodbye to the backaches which benefits from being straight and not curved. Consequently, also the shoulders are relaxed rather than contracted up to exert pressure on the neck and create a painful tension. Working up, it is also easier to keep the well head straight and pointed straight ahead on the PC screen. Avoid sitting position for long hours, it helps the circulation of the legs and counteracts varicose veins and backache . Work standing also helps digestion avoiding post prandial drowsiness which could slow down the work.

Work standing: well-being for the mind

When the body is forced to assume a static position work can become pleasant: standing you can walk a few steps and make more sweeping gestures. This promotes a more positive and proactive attitude, because you cannot collapse on the chair and give in to distractions.

Benefits only after a little practice

All the advantages of work standing only come after a little ‘practice. Change abruptly habit fatigues the body and, at the end of the day, it will be easy to find yourself with strong back pain that will test the motivation to move to a standing desk.

The advice is to train half an hour standing up and sitting half an hour, so get used to your back to a new posture and body to a change only apparently trivial. To know more tips visit

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