What is child microcephaly?

The Zika virus transmitted by the bite of the mosquito Aedes aegypti could be a cause of the increasing number of children born with microcephaly in Brazil.

The link between the Zika virus – which the WHO declared an international health emergency – and microcephaly is to be demonstrated, but 3,000 cases in 2015 against only 147 in 2014, in Brazil, insinuate good reasons to suspect that local authorities try to hold off advising women to delay pregnancy, and those pregnant not to travel in countries most affected by the emergency Zika.

what-child-microcephalyWhat is microcephaly?

The suspect Zika and microcephaly link between the virus has brought attention to this rare disease due to a neurological defect that presents with a disproportionate head than the rest of the body because too small based on age. Usually, microcephalic infants they look completely normal and, with time, the disease manifests itself: the body grows while the skull keeps a small circle.

The direct consequence of a skull that does not grow is the failure of the brain magnification .This has a negative impact on the neurological development of the child , in some cases the cognitive defects are evident immediately, in others manifest themselves at different stages of growth.

What are the causes of microcephaly?

With an ultrasound during pregnancy, you can tell if the fetus is affected by congenital microcephaly or develop the disease early in life. To date, however, it is not possible to define with certainty the causes of infant microcephaly. According to studies conducted to date, it could be envisaged causes resulting from certain medical conditions of the mother, or genetic factors and hereditary diseases.

Is there any treatment for microcephaly?

No, there is no treatment to cure microcephaly because you do not know the precise causes. In the presence of infant microcephaly, you can act with interventions designed to prevent or limit the cognitive deficits caused by non-neurological development, to give people microcefaliche better chance to stem the difficulties related to the disease.

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